SF2:CE kaillera Ranking Battle 3 (17/09/06)


  1. r3ko
  2. Kan Shoto
  3. (SRK)
  4. TerryGarcia
  5. DKKnight
  6. Musashi
  7. Fenix 287
  8. Vega
  9. Noaffinity
  10. (live)
  11. GSK
  12. Juddz
  13. nomrah**

Next ranking battle is in 3 weeks instead of 4 as i won’t be avaliable for the 24th of september so we will have to do it 1 week earlier than planned.

Anyway sign up here all the same rules apply, but heres a recap for anyone new

Tournament Rules

-The tournament is Double elimation
-Each games is 3/5
-Game is run on mame32k0.64
-Rom is standard CE (world)
-Start time is 5pm East Coast Time
-Everyone shoud meet in the irc channcel srkkaillera on efnet server on irc at the latest 4.50pm East Coast Time, if they wish to participate.

I reworked the points system so everyone gets points who enter. The system works by, Number of entrants / by your final rank = your points. Example. 10 people enter and you come 4th, gets you 25 pts. All points are rounded up/down to the closest whole number. Also you points deteriorate by 10% when the next ranking battle finishes.

Ladder after 2 ranking battles
1.SRK 190
2.r3ko 51
3.brian 50
4.Battosai 45
5.NoAffinitiy 38
6.RWD 30
7.Live 23
9.nomrah 20
9.Vega 20
10.FatherBrain 18
11.Musashi 14
12.Voltes 14
13.V040488V 13
15.RushedDown 11
15.ZeroX12 11
17.Magitek 10
17.WCJaguar 10

Heres a java applet for you to join the channel, the only thing you’ll need installed on your computer is java, which you’ll most likey already have. If it you don’t then i’d imagine it would auto download for you.

Click on the link below, then click on “#srkkaillera” which should be in bold. This will open up a new window which will connect you to the IRC channel. I’ll repost this on the 1st post incase you need to find this info quickly again.

(This link will only start to work 1 hour before the tournament)


Im in this time

I’ll give it another shot. Hopefully I won’t finish dead last next time.

Also, for anybody with Firefox, Chatzilla is an excellent extension to run IRC.

wanna join i just dont have the rom

I’m in.

I’m in, hoping I have the day off.

Im in if you don’t mind mopping the floor with my face.
…ok not maybe not the entire floor, im getting some good practice in.

I’ll try it if I’m free that day/time.

BUMP, entrants updated. Come CE players i know your out there, join in on the fun.

I’m in. Hopefully will see some more players as these go on, cuz I’m seeing more and more people playing regularly online. Guys picking up the game are getting pretty decent, so hopefully we start getting a larger pool of comp.

Ok I’m in.
Let’s keep this tournament alive.
CE players post here and show your interest to others and it will encourage more to join.

I can’t get on Godweapon anymore cause of a annoying admin., so if any of you play someone at CE who hasn’t signed up direct them to this thread please.

Go on r3ko, sign me up. But if I get you in the first round, you’re dead xD


I’d like to sign up.

lol GSK, i think i got time to knock you out of 2 tournaments in the space of 1 week.


BTW what day is it exactly that we have to meet up?

17/09/06 is the coming Sunday

Count me in

sign up ‘Seleena’ - new member - mean honda

Count me in again.