SF2:CE tournament anyone?

UPDATE: Tournament has reached enough players so i can arrange a date. But if you still want to be in the tournament you can still sign up, i’m sure i’ll be able to fit you somewhere. Just like to thank everyone who has signed up so far/

The tournament will be held on 30th of July, this Sunday. Start time will be 5pm East Coast time. Has anyone got a problem with this date or time.

If possible it would be better for us to play on anti3d server, just seems less laggy than Godweapon. Also it’d be helpful if we could all log on to #srkkaillera on EFnet on IRC, as the tournament starts, so it will be easier to talk and get the matches going

If you don’t have mirc or another irc client or don’t want one, you can go to www.ircsearch.com. Just simple put in the name of the channel (srkkaillera) and you will be able to join via a java applet.

List of Entrants:

  1. r3ko
  2. NoAffinity
  3. Magitek
  4. fatherbrain
  5. Vega
  6. Old School Kid
  7. (live)
  8. Musashi
  9. V040488V
  10. PikaZeroX
  11. Decoy
  12. brian
  13. Battosai
  14. mouse
  15. SRK
  16. nomrah

Just wondering who would be up for a CE tournament? I was thinking along the lines of a quick double elmination tournament or round robin tournament. Depends on how many people sign-up.

Since this will mainly be an American tournament, i would ask that anyone who cannot get a playable ping in US servers (under 100) refrain from signing up. For example i know i can get 80-90 ping in anti3d server, and all the games i’ve played of CE run very well. Even in god weapon i get very good games.

As usual emu will be mame32k0.64, standard rom set for CE. No characters are banned. All games first to best 3 out of 5 or 4 out of 7, depends what people want.

I very much doubt it there will be 32 sign ups but thats the limit.
Let the sign ups begin.

I’m down, if it’s at a time that I’m available. 3 out of 5 matches sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

I’m up for some CE, anytimes fine.

if it’s at a time where I can make it, sure.

Yeah, I’ll play. Good choice making it a 1 day thing. :wgrin:

im in!

Can’t say no to this.
Count me in.


what day? I would like in.

well i think once we get to 16 people, i’ll announce a date that hopefully everyone will be able to agree on.

Count me in, I’m good every day after 6:00

Count me in.


I would play if its at a good time.

Jion_Wansu i hate your guts, you can’t be in it.

EDIT: I can’t read, please move on to the next post.

Add me on that list please.

Im down with that

Its because your a whiney sore loser. I’ve played u a few times on xbl and you drop after i beat you. Sorry but theres no place for the likes of you in this tournament. I don’t want people who are gonna drop out just cause they lose 1 game.

still need to know what time

I know a couple that might join, since they don’t post and/or not members here.