Sf2 Ce


Ok, so i couldn’t find a thread here or anywhere else about CE.

Its cheap and my friends keep doing tick throws etc

Ken: FB which the opponent blocks -> Throw (repeat)
Guile - Sonic boom throw etc

From what i understand theres a frame window where i pretty much have to DP out of this (if i’m ryu) or do a special to get out of it. Is there any other method of getting out of it or any strategy i can do as a ryu player to stop this happening?

Also i keep getting battered when my mate plays as EHonda as he pretty much wont let me jump in (sFP) and then continues to push me back into a corner with the hundred hand slap/throw kinda thing, any advice would be appreciated.


You have the opportunity to throw him before he can throw you. Even after a close range sonic boom, it’s escapible just by counter throwing. You can reversal dp, which is probably a little bit easier because you can ‘piano’ all 3 punch buttons. Giving far more chance to get out than with a counter throw.

hope that helps


Heard of footsies?


There’s a huge thread on FGD…




I’ve also been playing some super turbo but can’t seem to get the combo’s working, the “bread and butter” or not, i’m in training mode but still. Hmmm, i’m actually not a bad player tho so can’t work it out.

Also when i do f+fp or f+mp then most of the time i’m too close and throw, so is there a technique or should i just be further apart.

Also, whats the best chain/link from those two first moves?


Put your stick to neutral? :looney:
If you’re trying s.fiercexxfierce dp, you have to do the dp motion after the fierce has started to come out.

I don’t like ce one bit so I’m not really knowledgable, but if it’s like hf I don’t know how good of an idea using 3 buttons for reversal is. If a fierce dp comes out it won’t knock down and it’s ggpo.


I thought CE didn’t have reversals, and that they were only added to HF and beyond?

If you’re getting ticked to death in CE, pick Bison and scissors kick them to death.


In CE, you can do reversals, however it’s just all about timing, you can throw each other or do things like dp reversal, but again, it’s just timing which is key. CE. Bison’s scissor kick lockdown’s as much as people try to think can actually be reversed and punished, he’s not even the best character in CE as well.

Honestly in a game like SF2:CE, if you learn to control your space well, tick throws become less, and less of a threat.




Guile when played in the right hands is the best character in CE handsdown. After that, then Bison is #2, Sagat #3, and Ryu is arguably #4, etc, etc.


yes then ken dhalsim claw then rest r mid tier but those r all youll see winning tourneys


CE first revision and Japanese version have a lot of technical differences,specially with Boxer and Claw.