SF2 Champion Edition: I need help


There is a tournament for this game in 2 weeks and I need to know what I have to do to win. The last time I’ve played SF2 was like 10 years ago. I need to know who is good in this game and could you give me strategies on how to win with them? thanks


M.Bison. that’s all you need to know.


Yes. Bison just about can win it all in the right players hands. His Psycho Crusher with Firece Punch punishes blockers by chipping them 3 times, the Scissor Kick ticks for 2 and he throws for a lot of damage. Basically if you can pull off Hold controller to down-left, Crouching Lk, Crouching LK into Lk Scissor Kick, there is a lot of damage and a dizzy with that combo.


although i am a bison player in ST. I prefer Balrog if played just right he can be a force to be recon with. Ticking his ducking strong into his headbutt grab is very effective against a lot of players. S.fierce, rush punches, sliding rush punches are very effective for getting in on your opponent.


st rog is best


sim own rog in HF


I use HF Sim but I can’t beat HF Rog. How does Sim own him?


i dun think hf rog is so gd now…cos he can’t escape tick well…so sim own rog…


fei music rock ryu


What’s bison’s in CE anti air? How do the rest of the tiers go? Isn’t guile up there?


I think Guile is tops but I could be wrong, gotta knock the dust of champ edition. Umm i think it was guile ken bison rog. Someone correct me if im wrong.


Bison anti-air: D.fierce, jump up RH, far s.fierce (?)
poke with s.forward, sometimes RH
throw a LOT

basic combo: jump attack, d.strong, s.forward/rh

if you dizzy them, slide to get close, d.jab x2, s.jab, (forward?) scissor knee, d.strong, s.forward (or RH) will re-dizzy i’m pretty sure.

This is all from memory so I could be wrong… Can he cancel his d.forward?


just pick Guile or Dhalsim and you win.


ce sim can be tick or chun back breaker to dead…i think hf sim is better…


Champion Edition: not HF,

Ken was rated by the best by EGM and Gamepro I believe. I know for one of those mags, he was rated the best.

His fireball dragon punch trap is inescapable if done right. Do light punchs or med. punches to fake fireballs, if they get too close,
do low roundhouse into jab fireball to push back.

Go for crossup combos after knockdown, if they block the cross up, do a standing or low jab (which they will block also) and cheese throw.


fei fuck ken


WHere is OMNI when you need him… :frowning:

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Bison/Sim/Guile are pretty top tier. Marvescrub explained Bison well. Sim is all about ticks. Guile is solid Guile, heheh.

Stay away from Balrog(worst in the game by far if we’re talking the US version of CE).

Ryu and Ken are good but not top tier. Gamepro and EGM have never known shit about SF so…anything you’ve ever read in those 2 mags can be flushed.

The game is pretty balanced but if you just wanna win, Bison and Sim are chock full of bs that you can learn quickly. Bison has awesome ticks and really, one combo can dizzy-redizzy-dead. Or, you can do block damage with the psycho crusha since, I’m sure most of your opponents won’t know too much about the game either, heh.

Bison has the most bs I think so if you’re looking for a quick and powerful bs character, he’d be the one.

All characters can compete but if you’re short on time and must win, that’s your man…until you face someone doing the same thing. Then, Gief and Honda are decent counters to Bison if you can’t pull that match off with Guile or Sim.

Wow, a CE tourney! Fun=)



Thanks guys for the info. I think I’ll use Bison then. Do you guys have any combos and strategies for him? I don’t know shit about CE. I don’t even know why they are having a tournament for this game. Also, what are “ticks”? Block damage?


no bison can’t cancel from c. mk.

I can’t get 4 Fierce guile combo to work…The last backhand won’t come out. does it work in CE?