SF2 HF or CE bison head stomp glitch? anyone else encountered this? flies off screen, not rainbow ed


Hey, first time posting
I remember back in the day it was either hyper fighting or champ edition arcade machine
sometimes when you would do bison’s head stomp he would jump off screen and would delay coming back down.

when he did come down there was no actuall head stomp attack animation iirc.
it was more like a normal jump but he just flies off screen and returns a little later

i don’t remember the exact notation, but it would happen very rarely when trying to do head stomp

it wasn’t a rainbow edition arcade, perhaps it was a bootleg machine, but the game played as expected

this has been bugging me for years. I’ve never seen any mention of it anywhere but I remember it clearly

can anyone verify this? does anyone remember this?

sorry for the tl;dr