sf2:HF question (backward air sbk?)


In the old HF, it was somehow possible for Chun Li to do the air SBK BACKWARDS, which made this quite useful if floating fireballs when corner trapped, but how exactly was this possible? Out of over 200 attempts at trying it, I only managed to do it twice, and I almost broke off my arm in the process. (In ST/SSF2, you can do it all the time but it’s virtually worthless without her invincible frame landing). Was this just a bug, or an animation issue, or was this actually supposed to be allowed, but not given enough frames to even do correctly (unlike Ken/Ryu’s air backward hurricanes)? Anyone remember?




I’ve seen a reversal backwards spinning bird kick in ST, no idea how it happened though. Ryu crossed up chun li and she did the SBK facing backwards but still moving foreward.


In ST it is possible, hard to pull off though i was able to sbk backwards in some casuals and practice mode, i didn’t wanted to do that sbk backwards though it was accidental.

You have to charge, move forward, then input up-back + kick as fast as you can, timing is VERY strict


the air bird kick in ST only goes up and down. He wants to make it fly horizontal across the screen like it used to in hyper fighter. not possible.


oooh sorry.


this is interesting, so back in HF. how did it work anyway? ( it think that was the original question, even though it’s the wrong board, I doubt there’s many people lurking in any HF sections)


In HF, there was no trick, you jump back and tatsu or bird kick, and they will fly in a straight line backwards. if you jump forward, they will spin forward. This trick was probably most useful for ken, because when he dropped to the floor he had no recovery frames. He could tatsu behind you, land, and hit you with cr lk, st hp, dp for ToD. By the time ken lands, you don’t even have time to turn around to face the right direction to block. Ryu has hella recovery frames so you can’t do the same trick.