SF2: HF Wiki

I was thinking about making a Wiki for HF, as I’ve been playing the game a lot lately, and I have to say this is the best version of SF2 (even better than ST). If anyone wants to help on the Wiki, please do… we can use this topic as our base for discussions, etc…

ST pwns HF! sorry had to get that outta my system

good thing its out, b/c you system is ass backwards wrong :wonder:

HF as SF2 Turbo or HF as in AE?

The wiki is freely editable, not sure what kind of discussion you want to have, just go add the game to the strategy guide (wiki tab -> strategy guide tab) and fill it in like the other games.

I started the Wiki in the strats section. Let’s get some info info in there!

Hyper Fighting for Live ARcade will be out soon so it would be nice to have some good info for players wanting to try it out.


Sf2:hf > Ssf2:t

Ssf2:t > Hsf2:ae

HOW? HF is broken. Oh and Chun-Li is a chinese whore!

HF is the best version, in my opinion. As for the whiskey… er, Wiki, you set it up, I’ll knock it back… er, add my contribution. Jesus, what were we talking about again? :confused: