SF2 Hyper Fighting Online Tourney

This is the first Hyper Fighting Masters tourney, featuring some of the best players in Europe and the US/Canada.
Brackets are already up, but looking for 6 US/Canada players and 1 Euro player to fill out the field. The Brackets so far:

High level SF2 (especialy C.E) players are very welcome, but the tournament is open to all skill levels.
Its double elimination, with a bracket for US / Canada, and a bracket for Europe (for good ping).
*Players are given a timeframe to arrange matches to make it easier.

All the info regarding the tournament can be found here:

To enter, simply post in the linked thread and i’ll work you in :slight_smile:

Euro bracket is full now, but still need US / Canada peeps. Again, reply in linked thread, thanks.

Just need 3 more US / Canada peeps!

sign me up

sign me up is this ggpo