SF2 Hyper -> SSF2HD Remix Changes, Questions and Comments

I’ve been playing HDR for about 3 weeks now and have noticed how much rebalancing was done between Hyper Fighting to HDR:

Seems like you have much less reaction time online in HDR. I’m accustomed to being able to shoryuken or tiger uppercut Honda torpedos (which seem to be really common online).

Honda - torpedo seems faster, also has a few frames of invulnerability towards the end. If timed right, it seems Sagat has very little to no frames that he can tiger uppercut it while recovering from a knockdown.

Blanka - roll seems faster

I play HDR like it’s Hyper Fighting with the mindset that what worked then works now, and well, I’m beginning to realize it doesn’t. At first I thought it was bad timing on my part but now I realized that the game is much more balanced.

Another thing I notice is sometimes the speed of the game seems slower than at other times. Does the “Quick Match” for Friendly games always default to the speed setting of 3? I don’t think it’s lag i’m experiencing because it’s consistent throughout the whole match, and it may be related to people picking characters with quicker foot speed which would make the scaling move faster.

And on to this Sanwa stick on the SF4 TE controller. I hate it. Sure it may give better response than Happs, but when I’m in the heat of battle that polished knob umm, gets slippery and my hand flies off all the time. It makes playing the people who constantly bring the pressure really tough.

I also notice that certain characters can make the screen glitchy even with minimal lag, like Chun Li. Certain sequences make my screen really jumpy and difficult to play. I also hate where I show an animation that I’m throwing someone then all of the sudden it’s reversed and they tossed me.

Finally, my last question is about LCD/Plasmas. How many here are using these screens? Is a .03 to .06 screen lag really worth switching to a CRT?

if you’re going to play quick match, just play ranked

Scoreboard quick matches are 1 game and it’s annoying when they drop. I find that the people in the friendly section are less likely to drop off until a number of games have passed

A list of all the changes is here…