SF2, SF2' and SF2' Turbo for Xbox and PS2

Capcom classics has been confirmed to contain World Warrior, Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting which will appear in arcade perfect form on its release of 9/27 for $19.99(Yeah right Capcom. Like your other “arcade-perfect” ports came out swell).

I don’t know about everyone else here at the forums, but I am really excited about this. AE was a let down for me and now I don’t have to settle for arcade emulation to get my old skool kicks anymore. There is supposed to be tons of secrets and debug options like changing size of sprites and level with all the games. Seems promising…

Maybe I won’t have to save up for Street Fighter Collection 2 after all…

Yea, this was mentioned a few months back, but it’s still great news nonetheless. With this release, maybe HF will finally make it back into the tourney scene :wgrin: On a side note, I hope HF runs as fast as the version found in Ultracade boards. The regular board just seems too slow nowadays.

If Capcom is smart they will include netplay…but I doubt it.

Hey DG, I never see you on AIM or Kaillera. You gonna be playing tonight?

No netplay I am afraid. And I just read that the SF games have loading in between fights… I hope they fix that.

Ultracade is faster? Hmm, I was playing one in Hershey a few months ago and it seemed the same.

YEAH! HF for EVO baby!

I am looking forward to these. I liked AE a lot, but it will be nice to have these on my xbox, instead of saving for Street Fighter Collection 2. I guess I still need to buy Street Fighter Collection 1 though.

Woohoo, I might actually stand a chance against the CPU of these games like I remember. directed at you, ST and AE CPU grrrr.


Uhhmmm you can play arcade perfect WW, CE and HF, along with Super, Super Turbo, Alpha 1,2,3, every game on this upcoming collection, and then some, on Xbox w/o loading w/ FBAX.

If the team behind this compilation is so incompetent that they have to have loading screens on the Original SF2, then I wouldn’t get my hopes up over this.

Whoa, ST and the Alphas are on this too?

Every CPS1 and 2 game can be played on Xbox, totally arcade perfect, no loading, no bs. It’s been around for a while too. You have to have a mod chip though.

-edit- MOST SNK games work perectly too, supposedly (I only have Capcom Roms right now).

Oooohhhh you’re talking about that. My bad, my bad.

the sf game will take loading cuz…they have totally new draw sprites,with 3D BG & new music & charcters! :party:

LOL good one yo, that’s some funny shit.

Theyll always find a way to rehash SF2 some more…

SF4 already god dammit!

Hehe, I know im going against the masses…but I don’t want/care for a SF4. I’m content with SF2. There’s already too many SF games as is…

I am with you on that, DG. I think Capcom has already achieved Street Fighter perfection with ST and 3S; there isn’t a reason to make another. SF4 would be the ultimate rehash IMO.

ST and 3S are both great games, but I don’t exactly think that Capcom has achieved perfect with them. There is always room for improvement. You can be content with those two games if you want, but I’m always looking forward to something fresh.