SF2, SFA, or SF3 chars?

From which series do you guys think have the cooler characters? Well Alpha 3 kind of adds in most of SF2 chars.

Anyways, the Alpha series takes the cake hands down… Not to mention it has better music. (Alpha 3’s kinda sucked though.)

Sometimes, I wish they’d remake Alpha 3 with SF3’s game engine. :wonder:

SF3; better animated, and are bigger (easier to see detail)…

That would be sweet, but that would be alot of rewriting on the sprites [or however that works]. HD graphics SFA would pwnzersaurus-rextasisis though!

As for character wise, I was really a fan of SFIII. Hey, it had nice animation. G’times! :tup: [Makoto’s bra when stunned…too bad seeing her get stunned is like seeing a unicorn break dance…IT RARELY HAPPENS! LawL. Yeah, I seen a unicorn break dance…then I woke up!]

Well, it kinda depends on what you consider “cooler”.

I thik SF3 had the better drawn and animated characters.

A3 had some of the better designed characters. Characters like Gen, Guy, Rose, and Karin are extremely well designed. Gen in particular, since he has two playstyles in one character.


But SFIII utilized that new board [not familiar with it, but heard about it] which allowed Gill to have two colors, one facing right and one facing left. If any remakes of SF make use of that engine, it’ll change the ways certain characters look. Sagat comes to mind [eye patch actually changes sides!], and…jeez, who else? Well they’d find some things to change. Plus SFIII character sprites were more detailed [SFA Ryu compared SFIII Ryu]. If they took the time to redraw every character with new animations and looks [just a dream], SF would prolly garner a bigger fanbase cuz of its impressive looks. Sex sells…sex cells…

I’d have to go with SFA. I thought the chars. were cooler overall although SF3 is the hotness today.

alpha. though I like SF3 too because of ibuki and makoto~!1

SF3, just because they’re so wacky, and some are based on chars from SFII.

GG is the only series I know of that has crazier and more bizarre characters.


SF2. SF3 has quite possibly the worst cast of characters in any fighting game. We lose Dhalsim and get Necro. We lose Guile and get some Emo guy. What is this? If they ever make a new SF game, Yun, Yang and Makoto can stay; the rest of SFIII’s characters have got to go.

^If you take away my Necro… :annoy:

PinoAB7 is my idol.


I have big favorites in each, so I really can’t decide lol.
Karin, Fei Long, Dudley are probably my tops.

I want to see the Alpha cast drawn SF3 style. That’d be hot.

Like Radical Dreamer said, SF3 has the worst cast of characters ever. Seriously, I don’t even see how Urien, Gill, Q, 12, and Oro have anything to do with “street fighting”. Those characters are characters you’d see in games like Mortal Kombat.

Sakura in SF3 style. =O

The only SF2/alpha characters i can see not coming back are the ones that died. Like Charlie and Bison/Vega I believe. And anyone else I’m not sure of.

What does a stretchy fire-breathing indian dude, a green-skinned jungle freak, a sumo wrestler, and an indian chief have to do with “street fighting”? Sounds like a warped version of the village people. Not that I’m ripping on SFII, it’s just that your argument doesn’t hold much merit.

3s characters are unique. I’m sick of all the variations of “Asian martial arts master” you find in other fighters. The variety is good. Varied characters to fit varied preferences in looks and fighting style.

Again, not ripping on alpha. I just like 3s better.


yea dude i see people in speedos and first thing i always think of ‘boy he should be in mortal kombat’

While SFIII has the quality animation, as far as coolness goes my vote is the Alpha series. The Alpha series chars weren’t just cool, but very stylish too! :lovin:

SFIII was more like a return to the original SFII style.

Sf3 because it has Yun and Yang

spiderman LOL

I think twins, Makoto, Ibuki and Hugo are the only ones who got much of a reception. People warmed up to Oro, Dudley, Q, etc., though.
I think Urien would’ve been pimp if they’d kept his suit on.

hahaha yea urien would be better with the suit