SF2 tier lists

Hey, can anyone tell me the Hyper Street Fighter 2 Turbo tier list?

And any idea how close this game was to arcade perfect for each of the versions of characters???


O Sagat?


How about a format example?


C. Falcon

Dr. Mario
Ice Climbers


Young Link
Mr. Game & Watch


Anyone got a tier list for ST even? Looking similar to that? Not out of GamePro Magazine?

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Guessing from Evo, it would have to be Chun Li, O Sagat, Vega. I think Bison is top tier too.

Anyone else being top tier is really determined by mastering them. Like, Daigo’s Ryu, Jason Cole’s or Gian’s Dhalsim, Kuni’s Zangief, LAAkuma’s Guile.

Moreover, people are just plain top tier. Did anyone see that match where Daigo beat an O Sagat (I think it was either choi or Valle) using Balrog? From a technical aspect, I’ve heard that Balrog is probably the worst matchup against O. Sagat, but Daigo’s skill overcame that.

I dunno about HF’s tier list, but here’s how I rank ST’s characters:

(It’s about half way down.)

The player has nothing to do with it. Tiers assume both players are of equal skill.

I dunno where you heard that, but somebody lied to you. Boxer is one of the few characters who actually can fight O.Sagat.

Even if O.Sagat did own Boxer, Daigo winning that match has no bearing on tiers. It simply means that Daigo was better than whoever he was playing against.

Why is Cammy so bad, out of curiousity?

she has a lot of bad matchups because of the fact that she has to come in to do damage and she doesn’t really have very safe effective ways on getting in to use her mediocre pokes, which just get outranged and outprioritized by most of everyone else. For example, Vega beats her clean (we’re talking 10-0 or 9-1) with two buttons: Strong and Roundhouse.

Chun li is not top tier.

I know some of the top tiers are:

EDIT: See NKI’s post.

For ST, both in American and Japan, the big four are pretty much agreed to be Boxer, Claw, Sim, and O.Sagat (though the Japanese RARELY use O.Sagat, they know he’s tops). Chun is not top tier, and neither are the shotos, but Ryu is probably the best middle-tier character.

And like Kai said, Cammy sucks because she has no effective way to get in and use those stubby little limbs (which aren’t even effective to begin with).

1- What’s O. Sagat?
2- How is Akuma/Gouki broken in SFII?

O. Sagat = Original Sagat. He has no super, but his fireballs have god-like speed.

Akuma’s air fireball is insanely broken to the point where he had to be banned.

NKI, it’s suprising that Chun isn’t top tier considering most of the people at EVO 2005 whored the hell out of her (Nuki, Tokido, Buktooth, etc). You even used her too, didn’t you? Guess EVO was never a good indicator of things to be.

I wonder what makes Boxer top tier? Range, versatility and damage would have to be my guess.

A lot of characters have bad match ups against Chun’ and she’s relatively easy to use, so that’s probably part of her draw.
The only character I can’t stand fighting in any capacity is Vega.
O. Sagat may be broke as hell, but at least you have to know how to use him properly first.
Vega’s the kind of character that ruins a game. You can jump around like an idiot and poke/throw/dive randomly with him and still probably luck your way to a few wins especially since certain chars have poor match ups against him.

Boxer’s super is part of what makes him good. Just wait for them to whiff a hit and there goes half their lifebar.

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Indeed I do.
I don’t bitch at the people who use him when I play so what do you care?
Besides, aren’t you the guy who said O. Sagat wasn’t easy to use?