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thank you very much. i wonder why it is not of importance on the EVO site…I find this tournament more interesting than most of them.


Update: I’ve moved the SF2 calendar over to the STR site (actually this occurred a while back). But for those of you who were keeping up with it, I haven’t updated it for a while because I was in post-EVO/ToL burnout. :wink: But I’ve added a bunch of tournaments on the calendar now. If there are more tournaments that you know of, please let me know.


Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournaments at Play Expo


Event Info
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Event Opening Time: Saturday 13th 11:00-19:00 - Sunday 14th 10:00-18:00

Attention fight fans! Grand Master Challenge will be presenting the whole Super Street Fighter II Turbo experience at Play Expo. On Saturday GMC will be running two tournaments with free entry, both using revisions of the original SSF2T.

At 14:00 there will be a 16-player knockout on SSF2T HD Remix on the XBOX 360. Then at 16:00 another tournament will take place on the arcade game Hyper Street Fighter II, which allows players to select any character from the series.

On Sunday comes the main event – Super Street Fighter II X (Arcade). This tournament has a £5 entry fee and will be run in Double Elimination style, with cash prizes for the top 3 competitors. Players are already confirmed from around the UK, making this one of the toughest tournaments of the year. The winner of this will be surely be able to make the claim of being the Grand Master of SSF2T!

Saturday is designed to be more of a casual day of playing, sharing strategies and getting to know the community of players. Sunday is going to be tough, but casual play will be available all weekend to sharpen up your skills for what promises to be one of the UK’s greatest Street Fighter tournaments.
Due to these tournaments having a capped numbers of entrants, players can reserve their place in advance for all three tournaments. This is being logged through the official GMC Forum so please head over there if you wish to participate in this exciting series of challenges. No money is needed at this time, and should all places not be taken up prior to the show, registration will also be available on the day.

Please note that despite being retro games, GMC’s tournaments will be based in the now.play area of Play Expo.

Play Expo is the only UK video games expo which caters for every aspect of video games – from console, PC and mobile to classic gaming (including arcade and pinball) right through to pro gaming/eSports and even cosplay.

Play Expo features four distinct events: re.play, now.play,** pro.play and cos.play**.
now.play has a large emphasis on new and upcoming games, hardware and accessory releases, for the latest consoles and PC. pro.play is an eSports event featuring [big-money!] competitive gaming tournaments whilst **re.play **will feature freeplay arcade & pinball machines, retro consoles and vintage computers. Finally, cos.play will include costume competitions, talks, DDR, Artists and Anime traders.

Play Expo is one of the first places in the UK you can preview the new Wii-U console and try out New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land and Ubisoft’s ZombiU before they hit the shops.


Wow, wish I lived i lived in the UK, it’s like my dream tourney, LOL. I like the idea of running a free HDR tourney as a side event, maybe with some kind of goofy prize (I’ve gotten some things like SF action figures from obscure side tourney games). That may be a good way to get people playing again. For some of you that go to tournies to play SSF4 or even ST it wouldn’t be that hard to bring a set up and run a quick free HDR side tourney. I may even try that if I ever start going to tournies again.

Zero I assume you’re gong to this? Do you know if any of it is going to be recorded? Any idea who some of the players coming are (like Orf or maybe even Professor Jones coming over)?


Yeah I’m going; actually I’m helping to run the SF2 side of things. I’ll be providing the HDR setup and one of the CPS2 boards for the cabs. Basically Play Expo is a large video games event where all kinds of scenes meet up and just celebrate video games together. There’s a large UK arcade/pinball community called JAMMA plus who attend and the members there are arranging to bring their cabs (one guy alone has confirmed to bring 26 cabs), you’ve got various other exhibitors who sell merchandise and retro games etc and the highlight for me is that Replay Events, the guys who run play expo, have a huge collection of rare retro consoles which are all out for people to play on. Things like weird NES revisions by Sharp, N64 DD, Sega CDX, Nomad, tons of stuff. They also run tournaments for certain games such as Mario Kart 64, Bomberman, and even Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the SNES.

Nintendo is confirmed to be there showing off the Wii U as well as other things.

The tournament side of things is pretty interesting this year. I’m not sure how you guys operate in the US, but here in the UK we have these kind of regional scenes that run events and tournaments. Basically a bunch of people who identify as a group and either run their own tournaments, or offer their services and piggy back on other gaming events. Two well known scenes/TOs here in the UK are Armshouse (I believe headed by WorstGiefEver) and Electronic Dojo. Armshouse is based in London and EDojo in the Birmingham area, so they both deal with different parts of the UK.

It turns out that both Armshouse and Electronic Dojo will be at play expo running tournaments. I’m not sure if this was intended or a conflict of plans, but it looks like it’s all in good faith as Armshouse are holding pay to play tournaments for the major games such as SF4, Marvel, Tekken and EDojo are holding free tournaments (presumably not to step on Armshouse’s toes) for SF4, Tekken and Persona 4 Arena on alternate days.

Now as is usually the case these days, most tournament organisers (here at least) neglect ST (though EDojo have typically held HDR classic mode tournaments at previous events to their credit), which is why DNA set up Grand Master Challenge. GMC is a one of these scenes in itself, but we focus purely on SF2. We look at tournaments that may be of interest and then we go about asking the TO’s if they would add ST to their line up, and we basically provide setups, promote the event and run the SF2 side of things at no cost or involvement of the original TO. So it’s basically adding ST to their roster for free as they don’t even need to do anything.

So far we’ve had some great events. The first GMC tournament we hosted in Birmingham off the back of Electronic Dojo’s VSFighting 2 and then more recently we hosted our second tournament at a LAN event called i46, together with Unequalled Media.

GMC has a particular affinity with Electronic Dojo, since it was DNA who originally set Edojo up, so yes I believe we will be streaming on Edojo’s stream, and the matches should be recorded. When I get details of the stream URL, I’ll pass it on.

So yeah, the reason why there are 3 versions of SF2 at play expo, is simply because GMC is running that side of things and we have the resources to do so, rather than a tournament organiser trying to juggle 4 or 5 main games and having to decide on a specific version of SF2. What we want it to push ST out there and give it the same level of attention that the big games get, rather than leaving it to someone else to run it and it get relegated to side tournament status.

The main purpose of GMC is to promote SSF2X, but we both are pretty happy to play any version or any port since we just love the game that much. I put it to DNA to also run HDR as I want to attract as many ST players as possible. The other thing is that the arcade scene in the UK is virtually dead, and many HDR players that I know, have never even played on a cab, let alone the actual game that HDR came from. So I think that will be a nice treat for the HDR players (and of course the ST players who are so often confined to emulation). I hope that by getting HDR and ST players together that they will be more open to playing any version of ST, which will help grow the tournament attendance, rather than have people sitting it out since it’s not their particular version.

I haven’t seen Orf since i46, but I’ve been meaning to ask JPJ if he’s going, and he’s a good friend of Orf and they tend to attend events together.

The thing that the UK needs to work on badly is just getting the word out there. Everyone knows the US players and events, but I think we don’t make enough noise about our own stuff. A good example is Super VS Battle in London. That became a really well known event, in a good location and because of that HDR got 48 entrants or so, and playes travelled from all over the world such as PR Balrog, Daigo, Kareeem, Cuongster etc.

Play Expo isn’t a major like SVB, Evo or anything like that so I wouldn’t want to hype it up too much for overseas players only for them to travel over and maybe feel a bit deflated, but I do hope the die hard ST fans who think nothing of travel decide to come along. It’s a brilliant event either way.

There has been no SVB this year, and our Capcom 25th event got pushed back to 1st/2nd Dec… Now I don’t know of any events happening around that time that Capcom would piggyback off, so maybe SVB plans to make a late showing this year?


Why do so many non-japanese tourneys use the jap version of ST? Are they easier to find or something?


My guess is they want to use the exact same version as they do in Japan (maybe for reference, or just so there is like a standard version or something). Yeah, it seems easier to find 2X boards than ST, cheaper too. I find they are usually better condition and they often come with replica manuals/cabinet inserts.

I prefer the original order of the names and the old sound effects for Cammy.

Also I play Boxer now, and I get tired of hearing BARLOG


Ahh. As someone who’s grown up on the non-japanese SF conventions it kind of drives me nuts to see the names out of order and slash over maxout and stuff like that. And how could you not love “BARLOG WINS”?


Haha, yeah I grew up on the western versions too, but it just makes so much more sense for boxer to be called M.Tyson… I mean M.Bison.

It’s got to the point where I mentally think of boxer as Bison now, and it gets me into all kinds of confusion.


The non japanese versions have speed glitches in certain stages. gief, sim, and chun stages speeds move faster than all the other stages. Also japanese gief has a 1 hit dizzy if you land his neutral jump hp.


I’m pretty sure all versions exhibit that level speed glitch (I think Sirlin talked about it during HDR development and how he fixed it in HDR). Is it the World version that has the O.Gief glitch?


The Japanese version isn’t as bad. We have both American and Japanese here at our local super arcade. And world version was the one that had the O Gief glitch.


What exactly do you mean by speed glitches? I thought all versions of ST had stages at different speeds, or do you mean that the same stage can sometimes run at different speeds?


Speed glitches = stages run at different speeds. Gief’s stage runs faster than normal, as well as Sim’s stage I believe.


Damn the hsf2 tourney looks awesome. I hope that game comes back over here.


It’s a fun game, but I’m not sure how it stacks up competitively. A lot of the old characters seem way too powerful, and from what I hear, there’s a variety of weird odd bugs and glitches that make it more suited as a ‘fun’ game rather than a ‘competitive’ one.

Although, it would be awesome to see it as a side tournament sometime. Hell, I’d love to play the SNES SF2:Turbo game as a side tournament.


The vega and blanka bugs kill it, plus the CE and HF characters being hilariously too good


Are you referring to the glitches that severely screw up their inputs for their charge moves?

I kind of like the idea of everyone playing a CE or HF character. At the very least, it’d be a fun side tourney.


The one year they had HSF2 at EVO it was basically an all CE Bison tourney. The game is fun, though. Playing it on XBL on the original Xbox (laggy netcode and all) is what got me back into playing SF2 again after not playing it at all for years since the arcades died. The high damage output of the CE and HF characters made those versions the better options for almost every character (Honda and Balrog the only ones who are probably better in ST). Maybe not the most balanced but still fun.

Mars, you just want to wreck people using CE Guile, LOL.


I thought those bugs only existed on the console ports (japanese re-release notwithstanding).