SF2 tribute in Shrek 2


Cute. I was pretty surprised when I saw it. Someone at DreamWorks likes SF2.



All I see is an ad for the soundtrack.


:lol: spinning star kick ! SHOORYUKEN :stuck_out_tongue:


That was pretty cool. :slight_smile:



you all don’t have quicktime.


maybe that’s not the problem. weird, gimie a sec.

:edit: dunno what’s up, as if i cared about the movie’s soundtrack.


Heh, nicely animated.


hehe, neat find there inkblot




I could barely stand watching it up to the scene. I’m not a fan of Smash Mouth.

Very cool though. Pretty obvious it was a SF parody.

Nice one inkblot.


u ahve to watch it in large…


damn… i was hoping for an actual shouting of SHORYUKEN… god i hate shrek.


um it wouldnt sound right…

Nice little mention tho


i see nothing



www.ncsx.com is taking pre-orders for a special StreetFighter3IIIStrike bundle for the japanese PS2 just thought you peoples would wanna know.:slight_smile:


dont see anything other than thier sound track .


good thing it was sung by the lead singer of counting crows, not smash mouth :lol:


That was tight. I hope that wolf gets to wear other clothing in this one. That gown is played out. Maybe there’s a scene where everyone’s at the beach…


Man, when I saw Shrek 2 today, that scene where she Shoryukens made me yell, “SHORYUKEN” out loud in the theatre. :\


spinning star kick xx shoryuken. It does seem like it.