SF2 world warrior, glitches....?

well i know about the guiles bugs (invisible throw, handcuffs, freeze) and dhailsims invisibility, but are their other glitches in the game that are actually true? i read in a magazine a LOOONG time ago that talked about guiles bugs, and they said that ken or ryu can do an endless hurricane kick. it just keeps going, and when the time limit ends, he keeps going and you lose your quarter. anyone know how to do this? or ever seen it? are their any other bugs that u know about?

well i heard that the endless hurricane is only possible on certain versions of sf2. much like how there are different versions of xmvsf. there is a blanka glitch, double roll then ends with bite. i think you had to do a fierce roll, then before you land, do a jab roll and just as your about to land from that, perform the bite throw. or it could have been the jab roll first then the fierce roll.

there is also a bouncing car with ryu and ken glitch. i forgot how that goes.

Err… there’s the one with Ryu/Ken on the car bonus stage where if you jump backwards towards the car and RH at the right time, you get stuck on the car and continue hitting it until the machine gets reset… (I think that side has to be fully damaged)

Then of course there’s that “play char vs char” trick, which I’ve seen done in a movie but never performed. 's all I can think of at the mo.


I found a few weird glitches on the SNES version of World Warriors.

hmmm can anyone post glitches that they might have experience frequently?

I’ve seen a glitch that distorts the win-lose images on Versus Mode, but I don’t fully understand what makes it work. But I do know a Guile glitch in the SNES version of WW that makes the computer walk in the air. It works well against Honda and also works in the SNES version of HF:

1)Toss a jab Sonic Boom under Honda as he jumps back against a wall. He must be in the corner and he must jump back against the wall.

2)Time a crouching forward to hit Honda as he drops on the Sonic Boom.

If you timing’s right, the game will slow down and Honda may begin walking in the air! Unfortunately, this glitch will stop if Honda is attacked or jumps.

Here is a good site about SF glitches: