SF2: WW tier list

I have recently seen vids of Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior and I was wondering if anyone can give me a solid tier list for this game. I did a search of the forums but it didn’t seem to yield anything.

Apparently Guile is blatantly at the top, and Ryu and Ken should be placed exactly the same since they are just pallette swaps of each other (right?).

Perhaps the (very) old school people can help me out!

I think from what I remember Guile and Sim are top, I’m not really sure how everyone else would be placed on the list.

distant 3rd: gief
4-6: everyone else
7. ken (ranked slightly higher due to kick throw having roll, getting opponent to corner faster)
8. ryu

Ken being ranked higher than Ryu because of kick throw covering more distance is the coolest tiering justification in the history of ever.

well i thought this thread was stupid at first but now im real curious to know what makes honda/blanka/chun better than ryu/ken

Why did you think it was stupid? I thought it was a pretty valid question.

i though gief would be below guile but i guess it was just tomo > life

Where have you been seeing WW vids? Send me a link!

Gief def. high. No bounce back when he lands a SPD.
Ryu & Ken are def. low imo. Slow as fireball. SRK just well suck, Hurricane Kick sux to. but cr. LKx4 for dizzy is nice


Everyone in WW was awesome. Silly damage and easy redizzy’s. WW is by far gief funnest incarnation, gauranteed cross up after SPD is far too good. Is it true it didn’t have true reversal attacks?

yea no reversals. And shoryukens didnt knock down unless both hits hit. Also certain characters couldnt block moves standing while others good. I always thought that was a cool feature, to bad they took it out shrug…

I’ve heard Sim was top, but why? Someone explain, por favor.

Ken and Ryu are bottom? Hm, wouldn’t have guessed.

Gief is only good because he wins if he gets in spd range once.


That actually persisted through Super Turbo, although much more limited in scope.

Good example is Cammy c.MP in ST. Everyone can block it high, except for T. Hawk and Zangief. The reason this occurs is because every character has 3 “receiving” boxes (boxes that can be hit), a high, a middle, and a low. When you block standing, anything that touches the high or middle boxes will get blocked. But if something touches only the low box (like most sweeps, for example), then it will hit.

Each character has different receiving boxes obviously, since each character is a different size and shape. Zangief and T. Hawk are both tall, so their “low” boxes extend up a bit higher than everyone elses, leaving them vulnerable to Cammy’s c.MP.

Nice post there very informative. I knew about THawk but didnt know Gief had the same effect. Quick question though seeing as the “tall” characters are vulnerable to that hit does that make Vega(claw) vulnerable to that as well, he is a rather tall character. Or does tall mean tall and big like bulky?


The coordinates of the boxes aren’t directly related to the character’s actual size, they’re just whatever the programmers felt worked at the time. I don’t think Vega has the same vulnerability, meaning that his low box is shorter than T. Hawk’s, even though his sprite might be about the same height.

Actually they didn’t knock down at all. Usually landing both hits made the opponent dizzy but if you do DP against a dizzy opponent, it won’t knock down.

Also, damage is so fucking high in WW. Guile’s j.HP, s.HP xx LK Flash Kick is almost 70% damage. That is, if you can manage to do two fierce hits without dizzying the opponent. Hella fair.

Haha, wow… Just because of throw range. That is great.

Thanks for the replies guys. You’re all far more knowledgable about this than I am.

Just this: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x45xx_sf2wwlvl8perfectwithguilehi

I’d also been watching some casual HSF2 match vids from a recent tournament in London that had people using WW characters.