SF2CE Kaillera Ranking Battles are Back!


I promised they would be back, even though its 6 months overdue.

Here are the final standings of last season.

1.SRK 270
2.brian 90
3.r3ko 71
4.Vega 47
5.Battosai 45
6.NoAffinitiy 38
7.Live 33
8.RWD 30
9.Musashi 25
10.nomrah 20
11.FatherBrain 18
12.GSK 16
12.Deepblue 16
14.Voltes 14
15.V040488V 13
16.RushedDown 11
16.ZeroX12 11
18.Magitek 10
18.WCJaguar 10

Congrats to SRK for totally running away with it. A well deserved Victory. Also thanks for everyone who entered. You made the whole thing totally worth it.

Anyway onto a new season. This time though the games will be located in Reps Emulinker server, so this is more for european players. Anyone is welcome to join in, but only if you feel comfortable playing in Reps with a high ping. I personally find CE to be one of the best games lag wise on kaillera, so hopefully a few Americans can join in.

Finally i’ve got my own little forum now just for CE Kaillera Ranking battles.

The 1st Ranking battle is is gonna happen on 24/05/07 at 8pm, British Daylight savings time (GMT+1). I know its short notice but i really want to get these rolling straight away.

For full details and sign-up click here

Thanks, and i hope to you see some of you soon.


Earlier than i expected, but the site is now up running, designed and hosted by DNA at electronicdojo.


Check it out, i think SFA2 ranking battles will be coming soon.