SF2HDR new online team: read this!

Hi great nation of sf2hdr players we are creating a new online team and only want the best of the best on our team. We have decided we would let u guys online help form this team of the best you think should be on this team. So please input a name of a player id that you think should be on it. Be sure that the player you choose is still active on a regular basis.

This is my picks so far Dota_wicked_sick and Hadouken696969 and me myself XIIVIII. were trying to build a team of 20 of the best playing online so if you r a top tier player please input your name. Here are our first three and the name of the team will be decided when our team of 20 is done.

1.XIIVIII- Chun-li, Ryu ,and Deejay
2.Dota_wicked_sick- Ryu, Deejay, and Guile
3.Hadouken696969 aka # guy- Akuma, Honda, and Ryu

You guys gonna be playing other teams or something?