Sf2hdr / sf 2,ce,hf,st etc

i can get my moves like 99% of the time on sf 4 but on the older sf2 and variations there of i can’t seem to do moves to save my life. maybe 30% of the time can i hit a dragon punch.

that being said i cant seem to win any matches at all online or versus the computer. is the timing botched compared to 4 or is it more strict motion?

the inputs are far more strict in the older games, sf4 probably has the most lenient inputs in any fighter

oh shit

i may be pretty wrong but the point is that the inputs in sf4 are stupid okay haha

back in the snes days i remember practicing hours on end to get the dragon punch. i didn’t understand how you could do f, d, df. so i would hit f and swing my back around to down then df. after much practice i could get it whenever i wanted. now with sf4 its f,df,d,df (not counting all the short cuts) and that works every time. somehow its not coming out right on the sf anniversary game but that motion does seem to work good in training on remix… until i go online then it must be hd tv lag or something. i know i’m not that HORRIBLE at sf2

On anniversary edition i’m pretty sure it’s forward, down, down foward.

SF4 is scrub friendly, straight up.

thats cuz ST, CE, AE, HF etc…are Street Fighter games for MEN!

they take balls to master.

SF4 and HD remix on the other hand…yeah, they’re EXTREMELY user friendly.

SF4 is the deepest, innovative, most thought-provoking SF ever.

Its command input isn’t user-friendly at all; in fact its more anal for inputs than the earlier SNK games. Those shortcuts don’t really exist, for say casual players that almost never play fighters, they’re actually myths perpetuated by the haters. Or glitches. Maybe.

You guys fail to realize this game is only for the most hardcore of hardcore gamers and its depth surpasses any game in any genre. To even suggest scrubs would have a chance in this game is nothing short of insanity.

SFIV is our savior. Worship it. :pray:

i think you’re talking about 3rd strike nyoro~n

haha i actually baited someone with the above post i own

im sorry man no its not

Well, back when I started playing fighters in the early 90’s, I could never pull off a special move. Ever. Never happened unless by accident.

When emulation got me back into fighters, I began using a keyboard and could do almost all the moves pretty fluidly after a while. For the Dragon Punch just hit, forward, down, forward, then punch. Should work on pad too. Really easy. Only certain characters give me trouble for these older games. In SF2, I cannot consistently charge down and then hit up and attack with Claw and Dictator, it just happens randomly. In the older KOF’s Iori’s Rolling Punches happen whenever they want to.

Hopefully my joystick will correct this (Going on two weeks of waiting here).

I think Tech Romancer is being sarcastic.