SF2T Private NorCal Tourny


Greetings everyone. I'm happy to find myself surrounded by Street Fighter maniacs here at this forum, I have no idea why I only recently discovered it when learning about Tomo Ohira. I tried SF4 and just can't get into it. Not to mention my 360's keep breaking, and my SNES keeps working. While drinking and hanging out around here, we play SF2T. I've held several tournaments, and recorded the last one and made a little video out of it, enjoy :)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Is there a place on this forum where tournaments are listed? I don't know if anyone plays these old school versions anymore, but I'd love if there were some bigger tournaments for me to try out for.


That’s awesome. Norcal is lacking in the area of old school sf2 players so it’s always good to see new players interested. The version you guys are playing is actually street fighter 2 hyper edition, but it’s close enough that the transition between games shouldn’t be an issue. Super Street Fighter 2 turbo is the version of SF2 that is most played right now currently. Stick around in the forum and you should find out all you need to know about the scene. You can find plenty of competition online at www.ggpo.net.

If you have any specific questions go ahead and just ask me here or on PM and I’ll be glad to help. If you do get on GGPO, you can look for me there also. My sn is the same as it is here.

Kuroppi.com has all kinds of tourny results for pretty much every fighter game. The guy that runs that site always looks high, but he knows what he’s doing. He and his buddies are currently working on reviving this game at major tournaments and doing a damn good job of it too. Also, since you’re in Norcal, try to get a hold of papasi. He is a china mainlander “Fresh Off the Boat” from china, he can tell you where to find offline matches in norcal for street fighter 2.


Dude you kick ass thank you for all the info! It’s amazing to know there is still activity with this game. I’ve been trying to get as many people in my area excited about it so I have some people to play with!

I’ve got to get GGPO set up… this sounds fun as hell! I’m super excited to get my ass whooped since competition around here is limited :smiley: I’ll definitely find you once I get it set up.

And omg offline norcal matches is a dream come true. My roommate will be very excited (he thinks himself unbeatable lol)


kuroppi.com is focused on tournament results across all games and I haven’t had time to update that for a while. :frowning:

www.strevival.com is focused on ST tournament results, news and other information. Strategy section is still in the works. It will probably have to wait until May before we start putting some stuff up in that section.


Biocide, Ultracombo, and Fudd, are all good NorCal players. Along with John Choi, should he decide to hop back into the offline ST scene. Oh, you most definitely will have challenging players to test your might against.


lol HF. I can dig it.

But we should play ST. Gamecenter at San Mateo is the spot that’s best for me, depends on your location homie.


I’m in San Jose so San Mateo is do-able for me, donno if I’ll be able to make it on the 28th though. I think my roommate and a couple others might go, though.

I realize nobody really plays HF anymore, so I got GGPO and the ST rom and been massing games to try to learn all the new moves, mechanics, cooldowns, etc. It’s a bit frustrating going from feeling like I know the game inside and out to feeling like a noob, but its a lot of fun having lots of people around the world to play with. My GGPO name is Pu-ehr. Hit me up if you want a punching bad :slight_smile:


Nothing is confirmed for 28th yet. So please monitor that thread before heading out.
It seems like only mizuki and ultracombo are interested for now.


Indeed, thanks.


I’ll play HF, too bad every emulation of it is pretty bad :confused:


yea I wish there was a good one, would be nice to be able to play it online.

if you’re in nor cal I got a snes here at my pad we can play on :slight_smile: