SF3.3 Instruction card

Hi guys,

I’ve been working quite a bit lately at converting the japanese arcade version of the game into one with roman letters and english (read: UK/US version). What’s more, it’s not one big piece of bitmap file but a vector file (Acrobat PDF). You can send it to a print shop and the instruction card will be output at the printer’s maximum resolution. Some errors have been corrected in the first draft but it’s likely i forgot to remove a few others. Please help me make a better document out of this, in particular check that EX/non EX attacks are correct, that IN AIR (optional)/ AIR ONLY (mandatory) etc … tags are correct.

File is here

If all goes well, I’ll make a definitive version of the file and publish it on a french arcade resources website (access is open).

Thanks for reading, hope you like this :slight_smile:


  • Missing a couple of moves but I can see why - lack of space. You could omit Shakunetsu Hadouken in favour of Hyakki Shuu, though
  • SGS and KKZ would probably be better listed under the supers, with “any” as SA selection


  • Maybe list his supers as EX’able? Since there’s no room to explain they can be boosted


  • EX stars could be a bit more visible

Sorry, I don’t know SF3 well enough to go over the EX/air myself.

In Air seems a little unclear, you probably couldn’t figure you can do In Air attacks on the ground unless that character also has an Air Only attack. Also, there is an inconsistency with the In Airs… some are white font on red box, others are red font with no box…

Shun Goku Satsu’s Ls/Hs are a little hard to read. I remember seeing something like


in the arcades, perhaps that might work better

Akuma’s Messatsu Gouhadou and Gourasen can also be done in air.
Akuma’s Ashura Senkuu and Hyakki Shuu are missing.
Ibuki’s SA2 is Yoroi Doushi, not Yoroi Dooshi.
Might want to note you can do low kicks for Ibuki’s Tsumugi.
Makoto’s Tsurugi is air only.
Twelve’s DRA is air only.
Since Twelve has a lot of space left you might as well mention that he can air dash (it is exclusive to him and all). Same goes for Oro and his double jump.
Oro’s supers can all be EX’d.
Urien’s Aegis Reflector can be EX’d (in a sense).
Hammer Frenzy can be held down to delay the super.
I’m not sure if Shouryu Reppa or Gou Shouryuuken is supposed to have those extra Us in them (seeing as neither Shoryuken or Shoryu Cannon have them either).

If you plan on using this on a non-Japanese cabinet, a few name changes:
Oro’s Tengu Ishi => Tengu Stone
Dudley’s Rocket Upper => Rocket Uppercut
Hugo’s Hammer Mountain => Hammer Frenzy
Yang’s Tenshin Senkyutai => Magnetic Storm :rofl:

Aside from that everything looks good.

Player 2 only, though. :lol:

holy crap, nice job man. Did you make all the icons yourself too or is it just a scan of the japanese arcade insert or whatever?

Thanks for the comments so far, most of them, if not all, are valid.

People don’t seem to realize how packed the movelist currently is, when zoomed at 150% on my 17’’ screen, I can read the tinyest elements but not at 100%. What I’m trying to do is base my work on what the japanese IC already offers, add a few extras but not make a complete FAQ for it. What I want to use the final doc for is on a real arcade cabinet (btw, does anyone know the real size of such an instruction card ? Noone has been able to tell me so far). People can refer to some online content afterwards if they want more in-depth knowledge of the game.

What I going to do as soon as I have time, is remove the hidden Gouki Supers and put his two missing specials (btw, not present on the original !) since as it is they add tons of problem (legibility, too little space, etc …).

As for the names, I’m usually not really responsible for the various “glitches” seen on the draft document, I followed what material was available on the internet (on strategywiki or Kao Megura’s FAQ on gamefaqs - this last document using the term Yoroi Dooshi several times I figured it wasn’t a typo, same for shouryuuken). I also don’t want to list “Tengu Stone” (even if I know the Super under this name) because all other Oro supers are the japanese names (However I will correct the other english supers).
I will check the SRK wiki on the matter since I like the names better (Light of Virtue instead of the adapted japanese name).

Regarding the “Air/In Air” thing, I would have hoped someone would suggest a “substitute” that would be short, easy to understand and not confusing. I figured “AIR ONLY” and “+/- AIR” (as an option) would be good. What you guys think about this ?

Hopefully, I’ll post a doc update this afternoon (GMT +1).

Definitely nice efforts. Yeah, Akuma’s box is full of moves, but I guess there’s no option when he’s got literally double specials over everyone else.


Thanks for your efforts, I’ll definitely use your instruction cards once you’ve got a final version ready. The instruction cards vary slightly in size (and I don’t have an original Japanese 3S instruction card) but I’ll take some measurements for you soon of some other instruction cards and the space available for them on cabinets.

looking great man! been looking for one of these for my HSS-0130

Few things I missed the first time around:

Twelve’s XFLAT is air only
Twelve’s AXE can be mashed for more hits
Sean’s Sean Tackle is HCF+P, not HCB+P

A small update with a link to a massive instruction cards archive containing a scan (?) of the SF3.3 instruction card.


I’ll continue my project though and hope to release it today (for real !). It takes a hell of a time to do it properly.


PS: Still looking for the equivalent for KOF98 and Garou US

PPS: Still interested in the general size of instruction cards. At the moment, the file is designed for A3 size.

Here’s the final version of the document, I tried my best to include most comments made in this thread so far.

SF3.3 Instruction Card v1.3

Now i’m off to bed !

I was informed of some mistakes in the latest document, here’s an update

EDIT: I wouldn’t mind a few rep points if you like what I do :slight_smile:

can you mention the number of stocks for each super? would be quite awesome