SF3: 3rd Strike Grandmaster Invitational Thoughts & Opinions

After staying a few extra days at the Rio and not checking SRK for over a week I noticed a lot of comments about the 3rd Strike Grandmaster invitational in Mr. Wizard’s feedback thread. I figure why not start a thread dedicated specifically to the thoughts & opinions everyone may want to share on the subject. Personally I thought the player choices were a little random. Considering the players in attendance that did not play 3rd Strike on Sunday I’m wondering if certain players were approached and declined the offer. No disrespect to the players that did participate in the event. Of all those that did play Hsien Chang and Amir seemed like the only ones who kept their game up over the years. It seemed like everybody else hadn’t played in a long time.

I understand about the Japs not comming in but they could’ve had people like Gootecks, JWong, LI Joe and other 3S players from America play. With that being said it was alright, the highlight for me was the Alex player he was pretty beast his style sort of reminds me like Poongko doing high risk high reward moves and was extremely hype good shit.

The Dudley player was good. I think Evo went with: “Hey let’s pick people who REALLY want to play 3S instead of international or sponsored players who don’t really care for an exhibition”.

Can Justin or Gootecks who prolly haven’t played 3S in a long time beat Fubarduck who played Dudley? Doubtful.

I’d like to think so, didn’t he win that KoF tourney even though he hadn’t played it in ages, it’s like a bike once you learn how to ride one it’s hard to forget. Same thing with fighting games, your never gonna forget how to play a game when your at that kind of level. But I agree that Dudley is a beast and most likely maul on justin. This is me being biased cause I love Dudley as a character and he showed dat dignity while playing him lol.

Grow the f up and learn some history, morons

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Care to share your thoughts on the exhibition?

With all due respect to the guys that played, especially Hsien, Fubar and Amir who I’ve respected their accomplishments for years, the exhibition was dull and depressing. The worst part is I keep ending up making comparisons to this year’s exhibition and the one held at Evo2002. Yes yes, it was basically “Japan destroying America”, but those players actually attempted to make the game look fun for the audience that had no idea what was going on. Sanchez was probably the only guy who even attempted to make things fun for the crowd, and not just because his main is Alex.

The thing that gets to me is that there WERE 3S players who went to Evo that were willing to participate, and I’m sure they could have put on a much better show if it wasn’t for the conditions set to enter. Renic and Letbloodrun alone could have done some awesome matches.

Does anyone know what the conditions were for someone to enter? I saw ROM in the crowd watching the matches and felt like walking up to him and asking why he wasn’t up there. Mr. Wizard if you see this thread and can explain to everyone the selection process for the grandmaster invitational it would be greatly appreciated.

Part of the choosing process was that they had to be registered for the tournament, which is why letbloodrun didn’t.

There has to be more to it than just that. If that was the only criteria there were a lot of great players registered who weren’t a part of the invitational.

Name recognition might have been a factor? I guess those five guys are more well-known to the Evo staff than others.

There’s nothing much that could have been done for the exhibition, 3S is a dull and depressing game by nature save a few rare exceptions. The exhibition just proves that 3SO is pointless and wouldn’t be very popular.

That shit was ass straight up, I like the name of it too. GRANDMASTER INVIATIONAL with something like that It better have Kuroda/mov or some amazing 3s players. Not guys who don’t even play the game anymore, there’s nothing grandmaster about it.

Shoulda just been called, “Hey 3s is coming out again and we gotta put it on stage! Invitational”

I partially agree with you. Amir, Fubarduck, and Hsien Chang were all known 3rd strike players from it’s heyday. Amir and Hsien looked like they hadn’t lost a step whereas Fubarduck surprised everyone by having a Dudley that looked as solid as the Chun-Li play he was known for years ago. I’ve never heard of Sanchez before that day and when most people hear Mike Z they think of MVC2. Having a Daigo vs. Justin 2004 rematch or any Japanese players for that matter would have made the invitational way more interesting to watch.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the choices they made. I’m not going to lie; snubbing ReNiC was probably the worst thing they could’ve done, given how much ReNiC really works for 3rd Strike. However, at least Sanchez put in good effort to keep things a bit interesting.

You are new.

From what I gathered the EVO staff didn’t have much to do with the player selection–it was Capcom’s decision. I’m still confused.

I’m from Pennsylvania. No offense but I’m guessing you’re from California and you’re a great player there but you never placed in the top 8 for 3rd Strike in the years in which it was a main game for EVO and/or were a big name in the game at the end of it’s major tournament life like Neo was for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. 3rd Strike was at the height of it’s popularity before YouTube existed so unless you were making waves in that game at major tournaments chances are your name was not known all over the United States.

lol at 3s “fans” not knowing the people who were playing on stage

I heard way too many “WHo are these guys and why aren’t Jwong and Daigo playing each other”.

I’m not saying I’m Mr. Boss Nigga and my poster needs to be next to Mike Ross’, but with a bit digging or paying attention you’ll see that I was around. Hell, I even took over for Rockefeller when he stopped commentating! Then I did all that stuff for Arcade Infinity, but who cares about that?

Here’s a clip of me beating everyone’s favorite Gootecks. This is from 2008. Surely you were following 3S in those days.

Don’t worry, I’ll make a Youtube series called Blue Nocturne and post videos of me playing scrubs online while I kick it with Keno. You’ll will know me then.