Sf3 3rd strike help (i have the mame version but I don't think it will matter)


i’m trying to use my stick but its only letting me use the stupid keyboard. How do I get the game to recognize my stick? Any help is appreciated, thank you.


make sure if youre on mame that the joystick is enabled in the options.
if it is, and it still doesnt recognize inputs, does your computer recognize the stick?
if so, you can download joy2key and map your joystick inputs to keyboard inputs.


use the program joy2key and input your button number like say your LP is button 1. To whatever it is on the keyboard for button 1 it will work then. I have to do that for my MAME32++0.117


oh ok, where can I download this?




i did put that but like when i open up the game it says “DirectInput: Unable to set absolute mode for joystick 0 (Arcade Stick (FightStickEX2))”. But then when I put in my regular wired controller it recognizes it but I can only move my character but the other buttons don’t do anything.