Sf3 3s "Battle of the Gods" Style Tournament

I’m wondering if there could ever be a (console) tournament where all the characters were set to their “god tier” versions via the system direction menu. Honestly I think It would be really cool to do that. Broken, but cool. I’d like to see some mvc air combo stuff in 3 lol.

Examples of what can be done in “direction god mode”:
looks at vid

Holy crap that’s broken! Well maybe not ALL of those settings enabled, since one good combo leads to death. (everyone is j/boss makoto lol.) But maybe a more toned down version could work… Either that or we hack the game and put in sfa stuff like alpha counter and air recover… Ha.

how about no

Damn I thought this was gonna be an idea similar to that “gods of marvel” event with Justin,Yipes and Sanford except replaced with Kuroda,Kokujin,KO etc

I do admit though that that Alex combo looked badass in all it’s broken glory.

Hey it would be cool imo if srk did a tourney like this just for fun…
And a battle of the sf3 gods (players) seemed like a good idea.
Maybe we can set it up like the Olympics, make it a sort of world tournament to see who’s the best of the best!
My list…
Japan: Umehara Daigo, J, Boss, Nuki, Hayao K.O.
U.S.: Valle, Nica K.O., Jwong (the amazing 3 haha).
Britain: Rakurai? Haha IDK.
France: Dude, Daigo demolished France at st… I hope they’re better at 3s.
Hey where is Kuroda from?
It would be REALLY cool If we could get 3s players from every locale featured in the game.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

no Pyrolee for 3S? Wtf, really?

Oh yeah forgot about him. Chill out, I dont’ have a list of EVERYONE that I can just pull outta mah pants yo.
Rx would be a good one to add to Japan’s list.
What about Europe and South America? Who’s good there (Besides Rakurai and Jiro for Europe.)

Hey… um did you read my reactrion to the brokenness and how it should be toned down? Uh, yeah. and this was to be for fun, not for “t31-1 f@y7 ov t3h faiteen w0rld.”

hoo boy

ahahahahahaha :rofl:

I already have a pretty good idea of who would win that.


dude that’s not even funny. what do you want me to say next? “Arcade stick”?
Anyway imma sick of trolls. If you dont like ideas, fine whatevr. This was for fun. SF is a game, it’s supposed to be fun, not a life-consuming passion. This is all I’m feeding you today k? Make yer final pieces of troll bullshit while you can.