SF3:3s Necro Strats

Ive been using him for awhile now and wanted to offer some strats for him. Some people know that he is very slow and he has very bad recovery time on some of his moves. Dont be fooled by this because necroif use right can be very deadly in the right hands. One main tactic i like to use is his jab hook has great start up time and is very good in pressuring your opponent. Jumping with necro is very bad IMHO the only strong move he has in the air is his j.back or j.forward strong. Since his limbs are so long this works pretty good against a lot of ppl. i prefer to use jab hook its fast and is a lot better then jumping with him.

Necro doesnt have many combos but his target combo is B+short, strong you can cancel off his s.strong into the SAI or SAIII. Also to be a good necro player you must know how to parry very well.

Necro also has a air juggle which would be B+Fierce a lot can be done with this. One of his best air juggles is B+Fierce and Db+Fierce the stun is pretty high.

I want to know some good strats with him like what SA you prefer. I like the SAI and SAIII the i havent really used his Slam Dance. If you know some strats that benefits his game then offer them.

His jumping mummy drills are ok.
He does mad stun off electric snake, plus has some funky corner combos at his command.

My Necro’s really ghetto, still I could help a beginner.

use SA3 for maximum stun…
it takes 1 combo to fill up almost the whole stun bar of Gouki…

i can beat semi-core player w/ ease… but when vs-ing hardcore player, the game will be very tough… but i am still a beginner, there’s still alot more to explore for me…

Here are some Necro strats i use:

Best Pokes:

c. forward, c. jab

Best Anti-Air:

back + fierce (if you hit with hit or even if you trade, follow up with down/back + fierce), d + strong (unpunishable even if parried), QCB + Kick (EX)

Bread and Butter:

back + forward xx jab Spin, or c. short xx jab Spin

In corner, you can neutral/forward throw them, and then do SAI.
You can also do throw, then db + Fierce, then SAI, or s. jab reset, then SAI

After Shoto trip, you can retaliate with c. forward.

His SAI has huge horizontal reach so use it as surprise. For example, right when match starts, if u do SAI, then you will suck em in…that is how far the suckage factor is.

His forward drills ARE indeed annoying and good against pretty much everyone. They are unpunishable 95% of the time. His rh drill is good to fake ppl out.

His SAII is highest priority Super Throw in the game. Beats Hugo’s, Alex’s, I’m not sure about Oro’s EX SAI.

His jab Spin has pretty much no recovery, so you can pressure well with that.

He has chain combo of back + short, neutral strong, and can cancel into Super.

His kara throw is very good ( i use > + fierce kara, or just neutral fierce)…remember, if u are relatively near the corner, and u neutral/forward throw ur opponent, then u can follow up with Magnetic Storm (SAI).

His Kara Throw is Press back+forward kick or Roundhouse.

Fierce Tornado hook, into the short snake fang. Since the Fierce Hook leaves your opponet with there back turned. Be carefull not to abuse this move because it is very easy to parry.

Imo his best anti air is hisDenpa blast(electricity) it catches a lot of opponents off guard if hit right. Hit P (repeatedly) for more hits.

Another good combo i like is launch B+Fierce,jab hook, into denpa blast or magnetic storm does good damage.

Nice strats. I like using his spinning punch and then a slam dance. :slight_smile:


Something I found the other day that Necro can do to Hugo(possibly Alex/Q)…

In the corner you can combo fierce spin,b+rh,strong spin VERY easily…so if you got the electric snake super…

fierce spin,b+rh,strong spin,electric snake,jab electricity,electric snake, blah, blah.

He’s got a combo that dizzy’s Akuma and I think Remy, and I’ve found a combo that just about dizzy’s everyone else…

b+rh,standing strong,electric snake,jab electricity,electric snake,standing strong

I’ve noticed that you can occasionally combo a strong spin after a b+rh so I though if I could put this into the combo above that it would dizzy ryu/ken/most people but for some reason it does LESS stun. Oh well, I’ll eventually find that stun combo.

sometimes you can do b.RH, c.short,command throw

Thanks for the information. I performed a search and nothing came up for necro. Sorry about making another one:(

Um, you just copied and pasted a bunch of stuff out of Chunli89’s (Yao Yu’s) Chun Li guide from GameFAQs. Leaving in the line about thanks to me was especially amusing. Care to explain?

lol. Copying and pasting is elite.

haha…anyway, another cool tactic with necro that i rarely use is on wakeup, c. short xx EX QCB + Kick. Looks elite and recovery is good if i remember.

also, bison, u said c. short xx jab QCB + Punch, but that strategy is not good cause it is too slow for good ppl to fall for it. A better strat involving the ex version would be to not do it at all…lol. hahaha.

No what i said was a few friends sent me information on Necro. If they Stole information from another site then im sorry for that. I only went by what i received. I already posted what i had and that was in the beginning. So if its stolen then ill erase it:eek: sorry if i offended anyone.

Ive used the jab hook fist and the start time for it is very fast. Ive had no problems with playing against anyone using the jab hook fist. IMO it is safe for me to get in on my opponent. Ive won a few local tounrneys using Necro so if this tactic isnt good. Well ill ask the same guys that gave me this information on necro.

When ever i use anything i always give credit to my sources. Also eternal i dont remember saying anything about c.short xx jab hook fist and beside i would use B+short s.strong into hook fist. So what are you talking about.