SF3:3S Rips Thread 2

Please Dont be Nazi this time :bluu:

Edit : All im askin for is a Elena Sprite of her in her pink haired costume, with her animated sprite with her kneeling down all sexy after she wins, could someone rip this animated sprite for me please ?

I’ll ask again, as I’m not reqesting an entire animation. Can I just get a rip of Makato’s victory pose where she scratches her head at the end (you know, “Can you Yoga?”) in any color?


And i will ask again…could i get an animated Twelve from 3rd strike doing his arm attack not sure what it is called tho,the one where he does this crazy arm attack and it hits only if you’re close.

:Quarter circle back and punch:

This thead seriously shouldn’t have been started unless it began with a contribution.

Next 5 pages are gonna be just like the final 5 pages of the first thread: Requests + nonsense.

“Prove me wrong children…
Prove me wrong”

You have somewhat a point…who’s doing these rips anyways?..not dios i’m sure of that.

What’s your point exactly? People can request all they want.

i’ll start doing them when i feel like finding the game in my brothers room somewhere.

foudn this page, just has basic stances and such but looks really good work wise has a basic faq as well


check it out, maybe he will add a bunch more and add them to his page:cool:

My point was why request a fifth time with a new thread when the first four didn’t even get a response. Especially when now you’re not even sure anybody is doing rips.

I see what you’re saying though. And my bad, I really wasn’t trying to attack anyone or anything like that. Just posted my initial thought which, in retrospect, was pretty negative. :o

Toshin: That is awesome.

Are these any good? It’s my first time ripping sprites, so hopefully it’s not too bad. It’s tough getting that win pose; there may be specific conditions to get it, plus, the “Makoto Wins” text covers part of her head.

Any tips or criticisms would be appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: D’oh. Can’t work around my crappy web page serivce. Going to have to go to this page:


I apologize in advance for the pop-ups.


That’s awesome JLG, thank you kindly for extracting them for me, and even going as far as to make that bitching intro too. I really appreciate it.


Damn Toshin, that page is hot!

Hey I try, its not my work though still, its a good find

All I’m asking for is a sprite of Urien (Red Color, LBX) in his Violence Knee Drop pose, where his arms are up and he’s flying down.

Dark Giygas, don’t even waste your time asking. You could ask for the smallest thing in the game, and you still won’t get it. :frowning:

page was updated!:eek:

has submissions and requests!:smiley:


yep I’m submitting some stuff :lol:

You guys are the greatest!

Beautiful sprites. I think Ryu taunt and Q parry take the cake though. Nice Work!

So are you capable of executing/ripping actual moves yet?

Thank you for your guys’ time and effort.

Hi everyone

Thanks for the comments! I have been working on these for over a week now and now that the idle aniimations are over I am taking requests. Of course I will be overwhelmed at first but if you’re patient I will do yours. I have a tutorial on my site on how to do it yourself it you get impatient, or if you are just interested. BTW JLG those look pretty good scaled like that, I’m actually kind of surprised. It was actually gl0ry who let me know about this place, it’s great here!

Anyway, I’ll be here checking the forum frequently, and yes I’ll try to match all the requests before I do my own stuff. The hard ones are out of the way and thanks to a helpful email I have a more efficient way of ripping now.

so long for now

-Joram ZweiFuss Nowak