SF3:3s: Third Strike Ryu

Third Strike Ryu

This is my new thread! If you would like to post your moves here feel free to do so. Since I am a good player you will find some good moves here. :slight_smile:

The only thing I try to get is the EX Joudan after a Shinkuu Hadouken followed by a Shoryuken. After that, I’m all set. :cool:

Hmmmm I don’t think Ive seen that before so I’ll go give it a try and see if it works. My best startegies for Ryu are jump ins, jump in HP,s.HP,HCF+MK(ex),LP Shoryuken, try this when you are in trouble. Or just jumping in HP,s.HP,HP Shoryuken XX SAII, Id prefer this combo to finish an opponent off. Another combo that connects is c.MK,Hadouken(ex), this works great and it connects really and most important its a safe move. :slight_smile:

c.MK,Hadouken(ex) isn’t safe if they red parry your fireball. So I wouldn’t go around and do that all day.

Anyway, is it possible to connect more than two HCF+MK(ex)???

Well If they do red parry your fireball then your in deep shit. As far as the the two HCF+MK(ex)… I have no idea! Im gonna go play 3rd Strike today so Im gonna go try it. :slight_smile:

Ryu is a tricky, but basic chrc. I think I liked him more in 2nd impact than 3s. Anyway, one of the most basic attack combo’s that I know of which can come extremly close to dizzing your oppon is

J.Fp,S.Mp,S.Fp,S.Fk this combo is the hardest that I know of that requires no special moves.

Instead of jumping in with FP u should be jumping in with Mp so it hits twice that way oppon has to parry twice.

J.Mp,S.Mp or S.MK,Shoryuken w.MP cancel Mp shoryuken with Super Fireball,Fp fireball cancel in super fireball.

There’s a ton of other stuff with Ryu, but I suggest going to
www.Fighters.net and looking at the SF3 2nd Impact video in the media section first. Besides the video is cool because it has LL cool J singing “Mamma said Knock u out!”

Also If you ever throw a super fireball out even though u know your oppon. is gonna parry it, Exp:D+Mk,Fp fireball cancel Superfireball: well instead of walking up to him while he’ s parrying the superfireball and crouching to hit low, take and throw him instead while he’ s parrying. Why throw him? Because a throw can not be parried only tech. Also u can only parry one move at a time and a superfireball consist of 5hits so that’s five parries. If he tech’s the throw at the beginning of the parry he will get hit by the rest of the fireball. So this adds another arsenal to ryu’s uses for superfireball.

Yes it is possible to connect two HCF+MK ex but u would have to wait after the first one knocks oppon off the wall. But Two is all your allowed only TWO!!

I kick ass with almost everybody in 2nd Impact. It’s easy but Id rather play 3rd Strike, it has much better features.

So some joker on gamefaqs lied. Some guy of the name “Joseph Christopher” stated this is a real ryu combo:

  1. Fully charged with a Shinkuu Hadouken (14-hits)

UF-> MP-> HP(close)-> EX Joudan Sokutou Geri-> LP Shoryuken->
EX Joudan Sokutou Geri-> LP Shoryuken-> EX Joudan Sokutou Geri->
LP Shoryuken-> EX Joudan Sokutou Geri-> LP Shoryuken-> EX Joudan
Sokutou Geri-> LP Shoryuken-> HK Joudan Sokutou Geri

Located in the combo section: http://db.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/file/street_fighter_iii_3rd_strike_ryu.txt

I had to adjust too the times too and play third strike instead of 2nd impact when 3s cameout at arcades. But some of the combo’s from 2nd impact still work for 3s. Oh yeah did you go to that site and view that video or throw a superfireball out and then throw oppon while they parry??

Is that a target combo? Are you sure the S.Mp and S.Fp connects? Are they links?

That combo sounds like BS with a capitol B! There are some good combos at gamefaqs but it’s better to watch a video first. Plus I never go for any combo somebody does if they have their super guage turned on infin.! Only the combos that use a full super guage and is empty and must be rebuilt r the only kind of combo vids I’m intrestead in.Everything else is TRASH!!

OK I do think Ken has alot more combos than Ryu, so lets talk about Ken. This isn’t necessarily a Ryu thread.

The timing is ridiculous! It’ s EXTREAMLY hard to perform. I can only pull it off every now and then but in a fight I just use the short version J.Fk,S.Fp,S.FK or just S.Fp,S.Fk.

S.Fp,S.FK are links yes however u cannot be standing directly next to oppon. u must back up two spaces and ryu should throw out his arm straight and perform his standing roundhouse. This stuff is 6 or 7 years old and was used in SF3 new generation when it first came out. However as I said before it can still be used today.

As long as the combo isn’t cheesy I’ll use it! No matter if it’s 100 years old! :smiley:

Actually Kriptonx u shouldn’ t change the subject going from ryu to ken. The difference between Ken and Ryu are Ryu’s moves are more powerful than Ken’s and has a more chance of dizzing your oppon.! Nothing is wrong with Mr. Masters but in a fight I’d pick Ryu before I pick Ken.

His S.Fp,S.FK is Ryu’s bread and butter man, it’s great to use after a jump in. Plus even though Ken’s Hurricane kick hit’s repeatily it still deals the same amount ryu’s can. The only difference is that Ken can follow his hurrican kick up.

In my opinion, Akuma has a inescapable move or well at least I haven’t seen it done yet.
Have a full super gauge Perform a very close FP shoryuken cancel it with the raging demon. Why is it inescapable Because the block stun last long enough to stop oppon from parrying or even hitting a jab.

The Nastiest would be Lk hurricane kick, Fp Shoryuken cancel with ddd+lp,mp. The ddd+lp,mp is just like Gills angel attack it cannot be parried.

Ok I agree Ryu has more of a chance than Ken but I have to say Ken is much faster and his hurricane kick is dope (second to Akuma’s). Ryu’s HCF+HK(ex) is a much better advantage though, missing on that can cost you! :slight_smile:

Yeah we all know that his fierce and roundhouse will connect as a two hit combo. That is old news. I was asking about his strong comboing into his fierce. As far as I know, only ken has that target combo. I’ve never seen ryu hit Strong, fierce before.

And yeah don’t talk about ken here. You’ll ruin the thread.:mad:

As silly as it may sound I sometimes perform an extremly low or right timed jump and use ryu’s,Ken’s or Akuma’s lk or mk hurricane kick as a jump in attack.