SF3:3s: Third Strike Ryu

It can be done!In 2nd impact ryu could link his mp with his mk. On 3s Capcom took it away from him but he still has the Jump in Mp or Fk(if u use Fk do a crossover) S.Mp,S.Fp,S.FK! I told u the timing is a pain in the butt I never hardly do it in a real fight even though the stun guage damage is unbelievable.

s.mp, s.fp, s.rh. combo for ryu? is this true?..

is there food?


is there food?


ur shit don’t work…it’s whack.

Haha for once I agree with Geese…
and ur Akuma shit dont work either. please stop fooling ppl.

Yeah Ryu doesn’t have a target combo like that and it’s not a link. Damn I wish these fools from gamefaqs would stay in their scrub forums.

kookymanus - ok your combos are wacked and no it’s not possible to do 2 HCF+HK(ex)! I tried it you can’t do it, you can do a HCF+MK(ex) and then do an air hurricane kick(ex). That works real nice! :slight_smile:

you should be able to link a duck lp, or llk(though lk is harder) after a stand close mk.

On stun you could do something like cross up hk,stand mk,duck lk,ex hurricane kick, shoryuken, shinkuu hadoken, then say tiger knee hurricane kick foward or however you want to finish them off.

The neat thing about doing stand mk,then a duck lk or lp into the hurricane kick is that the ex hurricane kick sucks them in but only the back part of it hits and the opponent ends up flying but they just fall down right next to you so you could shoryuken after it quite easily or combo whatever. You dont have to be in the corner or anything like that ethier.

a corner combo with it is if you do this then walk foward(you have time to walk foward a little) then ex shoryuken then (try its like weird i guess. lol) try and hit something. i dunno its werid i gues the ex shoryuken only hits once then it hits its very last hit or some bs. i dunno its fucked up. I think you could combo after its werid.

Anyway some characters are differnt and you need to do some other poke string to make the hurricane kick hit from behind but for a guy like say alex stand mk duck lp works.

OK please explain what your trying to say.

Where are you getting his stuff? You can’t do a LP Shoryuken and cancel it into a lightning super it’s gonna miss. Try this: LK Hurricane Kick,LP,DDD LP+MP+HP.

Just be glad he doesn’t have as many run on sentences as he used to. :slight_smile:

Yeah this guy has some of the stupidest stuff ever. You can’t fucking cancel a LP Shoryuken into a Raging Demon! :mad:

Uh hello your gonna miss. :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm just trying to say you dont have to be in corner to combo after ex hurricane kick. there are ways to you hit like normal moves after it as well shit like that not in the corner stuff like that. like you can do top down things as well.

:frowning: oh well. all just go die now. lol:wasted: :depress:

truth be told. i always thought i made some of the most scence of the people that right stuff. =/

I’m not contesting whether you are right or wrong. It’s the way you write that makes it confusing for others to understand. I do like some of the tactics you posted for Ryu and I like the way you play kim. :slight_smile:

Oh man you need some help cuz I can’t understand you. I only understand the first part of your “sentence”. :slight_smile:

Here’s a nice combo that works: Jump in HP,s.HP,HCF+MK(ex), Hurricane Kick (ex-air). :slight_smile:

yeah, Showdown why don’t you blast us with some 3s Ryu tactics?

Hey don’t you post at the Shatto thread?

I think the ex Hurricane Kick in the combo is a waste of meter. I rather just hit him with a dragonpunch, or with a fierce punch so he will land standing up and has to defend himself again.

Yes a Dragon Punch looks nice. :slight_smile: