SF3:3s: Third Strike Ryu

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If you wanna have a good Ryu, I highly suggest mastering c. short x 3 xx Shinkuhadoken. Its probably where ur gonna get most of ur damage. Also learn to meaty UOH xx Shinkuhadoken. Finally, abuse his short hurricane, throw techniquue. Finally, if master parrying anti-airs and going into his ultra deadly corner combos. Like j. fierce, c. fierce, ex hurricane, shinkuhadoken, jab srk. Very nice looking and deadly. Also, learn the double shinku hadoken combo. j. fierce, s. strong or s. forward, jab srk xx shinku hadoken, a few miliseconds after the last hit of the shinku hadoken hits, start the second one. Very nice looking. Can also set this up from an anti-air jab srk, or from a c. forward xx jab srk. Finally, really abuse Ryu’s dash. Dash, throw is extremely good with him. It’s one of his best assets.

Nice. His dashing is the cool. :slight_smile:

i dont know about that guys combo but…

s. fp into s.rh does combo…the s.fp cant be close though…it has to be the animation where he like side punches…it works easy against big characters like hugo or 12…

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And how many times do we have to say “yes this is old news”! Can’t you people read the entire thread before posting?

kookymanus: Prove to me your combo works. Make a combo video.

the double shinku combo is not worth it. the second shinku doesnt do very much dmg at all and its better to just save the second meter and use it later. IMO the combo is just for style
just stick with landing a hurricane kick after the first shinku

You can do two EX Joudans, but it’s not at all worth it because you can’t get the extra hit after the opponent bouces for the second time.

I have to say it’s a great combo to do when your opponent is low on life. It’s also good to mention that the combo only works on Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sean, and Dudley (maybe others too?)

P.S. the Strong Shoryuken cancel would be better because it does more damage…

Is it just me or is this combo not possible:

j.hk,s.mk,hp shoryuken cancel into SAI_SAII.

when ever I replace the hp shoryuken with a mp or lp shoryuken the whole combo connects.

Geese: is it possible to buffer a SAI while recovering from the UOH, or should I do it the instant I recover. Been trying many ways but can’t combo the SAI after the UOH, input anyone?

Also what is the best thing to do with ryu if I managed to get my opponent cornered ?

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SHit, i dunno. I’ve seen the Toronto Summer’s End teaser ryu does it to dudley. he does it from pretty far away so the hit stun takes place while ryu is recovering. The guy has to be crouching also. Do it from far away. ANd you dont buffer it. You just do it after.

in the corner, do fucking anything to start a combo…thats where his damage comes from. remember, against dudley, in the corner, throw his ass, then otg with SAII.

Got it to work, your right I should do it from far, works on standing and crouching opponents.

Very nice, another addition to the mixup.


Thats cool. Im glad u got it. Thats cool how it works on standing ppl too.

One more thing, I don’t mean to move away from the topic but I just wanted to know if the down parry has the same timing as the normal mid , high parry, and wether in general it’s possible to parry on reaction?

again am sorry for changing the topic but I didn’t want to create, possibly, the 100th parry thread :frowning: .

Also is there somewhere I can find some sort of frame data, like Tekken for example ?

This is the weirdest thread ever. I just have to write something.

j.fp, s.fp, ex geri kick, twd+mp or s.lp (reset), SA1

This thread is weird and the worst thing is that it’s mine! :frowning:

Legend_T4: I use this corner combo with the Shin Shoryuken (SAII): Jump in HP,s.HP,HP Dragon Punch cancel into SAII.

Not sure where you can get that kind of data, but I do know that 3S runs at 60 frames per second.

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**yeah, Showdown why don’t you blast us with some 3s Ryu tactics? **

hmm tips on this game. well all tell you straight up right now i suck at the game. i think its garbage also.

SF3 killed sf for me for a long time. Parrying is horrible. Fireballs are horrible in this game. You couldnt even do a air hurricane kick when the game was first introduced. Cant cancle even a fucking down roundouse fireball.

3s was almost cool. It had some neat things. But red parrys are garbage also. It makes it harder to reverse a after a block string since if i try to do the reversal motion in the block all just get hit. Of course this is techniquly probably easier since its easier its stupid. And 3s is a dum game,. The whole sf3 seires i think is bad.

anyway. now that youve heard how much i hate the game. remember i dont play it and therefor i suck. anyway i guess remember to throw. throwing is good. lol

Dont practice parrying to the exstent like “oh that dude can parry a ton of shit.” like. You dont need to parry shit loads of stuff. As long as you can parry what you can see this is what matter. You need to be able to parry like a duck mk or just say a top down attack. dont worry about being able to parry super crap shit like that.

as long as you parry what you see just do a shoryuken say after that or whatever.

As a matter of fact dont even get caught parrying to many things as it only give the other person more time to attack you. In some cases the more times you parry its only giveing the opponent the advantage.

Throw alot. though ive already said that. lol

Um dash mix up shit.

Umm tiger knee hurricane kick fowards is differnt in this game. In that its fast but beacuse of the bigger playing field you can use it as a get from point A to point B type deal. Though using it as the tiger knee deal does cross up.

Now to try and think of a way to put. Say put your self all say 3/4ths of the screen away now tiger knee hurricane kick foward your opponent should get crossed up while blocking the other way. It works ala old sagat ssf2X. Very effective in some cases.

I wish i could get the exascat distance. but i dont really play the game. You can sorta use this to maybe put your self in a differnt postion if you felt it. But in many cases you will acctualy end up crossing up with it.

Just jump over the guy then hurricane kick as you are at the peak should also cross up. This should work almost exactly as it does in old sf. besides the fact that the oponent gets pushed all the way accross the screen after it hits.

Duck mk is a pretty forgiving move on cancleing ect. ANd its like good i guess.


i hate this game give me a break. The only time i even play this garbage is cuz my brother wants me to.

anyway. Random shoryuken is really good. hcf+lk is very good in recovery. At least suprisingly good. wiff this then shoryuken after. Like if you have the opponent in the corner. after some mix ups maybe say you jumped in then dash back(or even jump back) then hcf+LK then shoryuken right after. Its good.

Tiger knee hurricane kick as anti air or just tiger knee ex hurricane kick.

Shoryuken cancle shin shoryuken as anti air. semi hard to parry. then again once you have full super match would probably turn into total ground game anyway…

game sucks…

I dunno game sucks man. i dont play it ethier. just mix up alot throw alot. shit like that.Like i said dont worry about parrying. just parry once then fuck them up the ass with a move.

i dunno i hate the game.

anyways sorry dude that i couldnt help much.

Look stop posting dumb stuff. If you don’t like any of the SF3 games then don’t post here loser. :stuck_out_tongue: