SF3: 3S - What capcom could've, should've, but didn't do

I mean don’t get me wrong I love playing the game, but it’s like the characters I wanna use have to “always” think about Yun, Chun and Ken. It makes learning them depressing. How can you compete when those three have so much priority? Chun’s II super is totally unbalanced(she has two of those things! What was capcom thinking?)and ken just…just sucks you into his III super, even from a jumping attack. I think Capcom should pull a Sammy and make another version of 3S with More balance and maybe a couple of new characters. I mean Sammy making GG # reload showed us that they actually care about it’s fans and their concerns. What would you do to make the characters in 3S more balanced? This series has the potential to go very far if people would just put some effort into what they are doing.

Put those ssfII cast back to sfIII and it’ll be more balanced.

Obviously, because none of the balance problem comes from SF2 chars. Oh wait, Ken and Chun are top tier, Ryu and Akuma mid/upper mid? Oh snap.

Everyone in GGXX has to think about how they match up against the better characters, because THAT’S WHO PEOPLE USE. I honestly would have no idea what the fuck to do against a Zappa player, plain and simple.

Learn the ins and outs of characters, and the various good/bad matchups. It’s part of playing fighting games at a high level.

P.S. if this isn’t already provoking flame wars, I say Alex counters the twins. POWAH BOMB!

:karate: :tup: …abit …

yes because old sagat was soooooooo balanced.

its not that ken is too good its just that he’s a COMPLETE character. he has options for every situation and has so many varying mix ups because he has everything.

lesser characters r just lacking. ken, chun, yun ARE NOT OVERPOWERED just think of them of having all they need to fight where twelve, remy, q, sean and hugo are missing pieces to make them COMPLETE. its just up to the player themselves to fill in those missing weaknesses.

in a way the game is balanced because ken, yun, and chun eventually do fall to a more skilled player no matter how much u argue that point. just up to the player to accomplish that win.

I completely agree about Ken. He’s so effective because he has so many tools and no real weaknesses. However, I don’t agree about Yun and Chun. They are not complete at all. Chun, especially. She has very few options. The reason she is so effective is because she IS overpowered. Her prioroty is ridiculous and, of course, most importantly, the low forward, Houyo. When she fills a meter and advances on you, unless you’re playing a very air-oriented character (why people often say Twelve “counters” Chun), you’re either scared or you don’t know what you’re doing. Her low forward, Houyo is SO easy to do and so hard to avoid (when you take her huge kara throw range into account) that you have to completely change your game plan compared to before she got the meter. That’s screwed up.

Yun’s slightly harder time landing his overpowered super is countered by its insanely small meter. Yun has very poor defense, but his offense is so absurdly good, it makes up for it. That’s not a complete, balanced character; that’s an overpowered super. If Yun didn’t have Genei, (or it worked in some drastically different way) he’d still be a solid character, but he’d have to work a lot more for his wins. Hell, Yun’s other 2 supers are great, but you never see them because of Genei.

That’s a good point, actually. The fact you never, EVER see ANY other super used by Ken, Chun, or Yun says something big. Besides perhaps Urien, all the other top characters tend to pick from 2 supers by various players. Even Urien is playable with Tyrant (and I’ve seen it done on occasion in tourneys), he’s just not the glitch-based powerhouse he is with Aegis. Dudleys use SA1 or 3. Makotos use SA1 or 2. Yangs use SA2 or 3, etc. If you took away the 3 top tier supers, Ken would still be very effective because of all the other tools he has, but Chun and Yun would come way down.

Unbalanced characters doesn’t exist, unbalanced/crappy/annoying players do!

Or not.

SlimX-OMG, it’s so true. I hate Chun in part 'cause she wouldn’t be THAT bad if it weren’t for SA2. If you could actually rush her effectively before she got meter, she wouldn’t be that bad either.

In most games i would agree with this but not in MvC2. Marvel side completely overpower Capcom’s side.

whaaaaat? 3s is perfect

about the Ken/Yun/Chun matter: yes, Ken is just utterly complete, while the other 2 have less options but have overpowered stuff.
That makes Ken a lil easier to play as, imho.
Forget yun, as he takes quite a bit of training to become effective with genei-jin.
Talk about Chun. Ok, cMK -> Houyo is awesome, and she has great normals, but I find Ken easier to play as, having good and multiple options for everything makes him easier to play. Chun can be scarier, though

see what i mean? vic vance is definitely my hero.

I for one have been saying for the last three years chuns sa2 should be a one stock GIANT bar like shin shoryuken, and yuns sa2 should also have a larger bar prehapes the largest size or maybe one step down, and maybe kens sa3 dropped to two stocks.

I wonder what would happen if these changes took place then again prehapes those ideas are stupid i mean if i was at capcom i’d have given urien and 3 stock aegis :tup:

just give Sean 3 small SAIII bars.
Better than shippu :smiley:

What the hell did you think Double Impact and Third Strike were to begin with? :wow:

But hell, I’m just ALL for a “Fourth Contact” or something like that.

its been said, the game is pretty spankin fair, anyone can win and everyone has weaknesses.

what i m amazed at is this, in popular capcom games, always somehow someway no matter what glitched up shit there is, it balances out.
think of urien or oro with unblockables, imagine this was a popular game from another company with a following, people would be pissed like no tommorow, but its accepted cause…i don t know, the way 3rd strike is made, the game engine with all the frames and 3 choice shits and blah blah, it just comes out to be a overrall good game for all preferences.

up until i played everdred the other week, this whole time i ve been applying the same strategy to EVERY character, including unfamiliar ones(worst idea with my character). now i m rewiring myself to do everything character specific, the point here is that the game actually forces you to think, top tier or whatever.

what i mean is, other games always has some kind of character/gimmick that has a high probability of block/hit where the responding player knows its coming but can t do jack if he doesn t wanna commit but isn t at a ideal countering situation with the majority of the character’s moves. basically the player forcing the choices can just go on “auto pilot” and react accordingly to anything he sees different than what the majority of his opponent should be responding with. in 3rd strike, yun is like that, but other games don t have parries.

enough rant, 3rd strike is the shieeet.

Sega is still doing it

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Sega just released “Ver. A” balance release for the so-called VF4 “Final Tuned”

Capcom should release an update and call it 3rd Strike "Balanced"
I’m kidding on the name, btw

yang is the shit … too

Considering getting a perfectly balanced cast is difficult, I like 3S where it is.

Personally I wish they didn’t scrap the New Generation/Giant Attack stages. Instead of people sharing stages, not to mention many of those stages were really cool.

That would be great if Capcom made a total mesh of all the SF3 stages for the X-Box AC. I mean how can it be hard to add? Someone contact them… now go!

Yes I was thinking that too, im buying an xbox for that game, and Halo 2 of course :slight_smile: (although all those halo fanboys annoy the hell out of me).
They should maybe even have meshes of characters from all three SF3 games, imagine an UNGHEY Uppercut attack like it was in New Gen ( I think). If I recall (been too long), new gen Sean wasn’t even as bad as he is now. They sort of have the time…Remember SFA3 had exclsuve chars on home versions (fei long, thawk, deejay and evil ryu), maybe they should do something similar.