SF3 Artwork

Hey, i found two posters on the 'net and i’m wondering if anyone has the character artworks that they are made of.


Specifically, i’m looking for Ken from each of those, but if anyone has the others that would be appreciated too.

The website listed at the bottom of the first wallpaper has been replaced by some random porn and i can’t find anything at web.archive.org either.

Somehow i doubt anyone is going to be able to come up with anything though. Anyway 50% thx ahead of time and 50% thx upon completion.

The first poster is just a compilation of the character art of the game. You can find each character’s art separately in the manual of the DC version, for example.

I will see if there is a decent version of the picture in the Eternal Challenge artbook. It may take three or four days, though (pretty busy lately).

The second poster is an original illustration intended to be like that, so you won’t find each character’s art separately.

Thanks, i appreciate it.

How do you know that the second one is just a poster and not another collage? Just wondering …

The Ken illustrations in those two are very similar, but i like the one in the second one slightly better. Either would be good though.

If you want, I can pull that ken out of the first pic.

hey could you do that for me


cool thanks alot man, i’ll showcase the design im going to do with it in a little while.

Because it’s in the Eternal Challenge artbook.