SF3 Color Patches Release 1/2/3



Here is a video of my Shin Akuma palette in action. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=R9I1owHjkcg

Tell me what you guys think** :wonder:

Black and Blue remy=hot

some of the colors look cool, too bad u have to pay to download them

Why don’t you host at filefront instead? or somewhere like sendspace

Glad you like it.

**You are incorrect. You only pay for a “paid” subscription at gamespy. There is always a free subscription.

This is why I have always left a message on the main page of my website.

“You will need a FREE gamespyid to download files off my site.”**

**Because I made an agreement with Gamespy hosting. I’ve been with them for 6 years and they have been good to me. Part of that agreement is all the files I make must be put on their servers which provide me with:

  1. Free hosting
  2. Unlimited bandwith
  3. Practically no que/waiting times
  4. Unlimite downloads
  5. No expiration date
  6. Easy control to change my uploaded files/urls

dude that red hugo is awesome :tup: good work


Pack 3 is released.

damn dude i know i said your work is awesome but those new q colors and that black urien with the teal super image are BEASTLY man :tup::tup::tup::woot::woot:keep up that good work man

Goth Remy is too good, looks so metal.

**Thankx. :woot: **


Anyone find any glitches in them so far?