SF3, CVS2, TEKKEN 5 Lan April 7th at Web2Zone in NYC Results and Write-Up

Hey everyone. Last night was a great start for the Console Lansomnia at web2zone. Phil Kao was there holding it down for 3rd Strike and Capcom Killah showed why he was named when he dominated SF2. From me to you, the community, I thank all 15 people that particiapted in that event. Anyways lets get started on a small write up for it.

Around 9 we began sign ups and registration for the Lan. Since it was my first one I was a little worried about attendence but you guys showed up and showed me I should never worry. All of you started to pour in and that was great. I apologize for the setup but there were two customers and they were being pains in the neck. After they left we all really had a good time and began doing free play. Our first event of the night was at 1030 and that was a Halo 1 FFA. After that everyone enjoied some SF3, Halo 2, Halo, and Naruto 4 tournaments from 1-5 and then began SSBM tournamnet which was fun also. Above all we all had a great time and everyone got a small prize for winning the tournaments. For that it was great to make sure everyone had a great time.

Beyond that I want to thank SRK, Halo.meetup.com/18 , and you people for showing up and I hope to see more of you at the May Lansomnia which I will post when it gets closer.