SF3 Dudley players I have A question for you

How hard was it to transition from SF3 to this game?

I can’t say with absolute certainty, as I never played Third Strike, but my basic understanding is that there are a couple changes to the character, and huge changes to the basic system that can cause you some trouble. As for the character, you have to be a lot more patient. It’s a lot harder to just go for it, due to a lack of parries, and during the neutral game, one has to really focus on controlling space so that Dudley can get in and actually start being effective.

More over, some of the properties of moves have changed, such as fw. MK no being a longer version of st. Roundhouse. Since it’s no longer special-cancelable, one has to link into st. Roundhouse, cr. Strong, etc. to get good damage and a knockdown (please correct me on that if I’m wrong, I’m not positive that fw. MK is the right move). If you can handle those two hurdles and have an understanding of how SF4 operates differently from Third Strike, I’d sat that you’ll be fine.

Does that sound right to you guys?