SF3 has a girlfriend character!


You know how most girls love to play Tekken (Tekken 2, specifically) because they actually have a chance to beat guys at it? Well, Street Fighter 3 has a character perfect for them.


Chun-Li is a great character for girls to play. It requires no skill to win with her. She has maximum priority, gets 2 extremely powerful supers, and you can pretty much win by pressing back and fierce punch over and over. Chun-Li is a great choice for girls and your kid brother.

People say that girls don’t play video games. You wouldn’t know it by going to Street Fighter 3 tournaments. There’s been a ton of them at every tourney I’ve attended.


…well yeah , so called girl power …
i remember seeing a couple playing sfa2 , the girl(she’s hot , she’s a chinese , duh i’m in asia !) play the game using chun , and his boyfriend just sat beside and spectated …

you know what , she got 14 wins . at the oppoesite about 3 or 4 males spectating and waiting for their turns to beat her …

and sure … girls would pick homo typoe characters like kyosuke , remy or ky kiske , they look handsome … and sure they’ll try to perservere .

3s… never seen girls ply 3s in my area …
all i know was an indo girl named beatrice play 3s too … she use makoto ?


this hot white girl was using ibuki…

thats it

she wasnt good, i let her beat my sean. then she gave me a quarter then i taught her hcb p, then she was happy.


what he is saying is that you are a little girl if you play chun li.

cant say i disagree. dosent take any balls to pick her.


It takes MASSIVE balls to pick her.


balls of necessity


hijacking of thread: COMPLETE.


You should be proud of me haunts.

A couple nights back I taught a sugar drop of a 9 year old girl how to do command grab > Fierce > Rush punch with Makoto.

I’m trying to teach her supers but she’s having problems with the QCFx2 motions. :frowning:


it’s cute …:stuck_out_tongue: picture ??


whoa, i didn’t think u liked them that young. :confused: night time playing with a 9 year? at who’s house at nite.


god damnit, it took me like 6 months to get the timing on that.

i suck. :frowning:



LoL, I feel ya haunts.

Kids just learn so damn fast. :frowning:


Oh you have no idea bro. I just love the hinky-pinky.


Sorry, I don’t share pictures of the girl children I’ve befriended, it strikes me as being unappropriate.


the negative effects of Q are felt in the real world yet again, nathan just _…im =X less


hmmm … ok .


calls teh POLICE.