SF3 Ibuki to SFV: The Predication :: Now The Overview



Quite awhile ago I made this…

And Ibuki transition prediction, using my own previous knowledge of the character and knowledge about SFV’s general design. I learned more about the design by the end of doing it, and had I redone the prediction after learning more, it likely would have been more accurate, however, that seemed like cheating. So, this hasn’t been touched since I made it, which I made only after Ibuki was starting to be rumored as the next character.

Once Ibuki’s frame data and such are out in the open, I am going to go through this probably in a video format and see how close I got in terms of move design/choices and more specifically frame data. The hitboxes that I threw together I may also attempt to review, but that will be harder and take longer to discover.

So stick around in the coming weeks as I’m sure the frames will be out there soon and I can go ahead and stream my prediction versus reality.