Sf3 in pdx?!

ok, my dumbass just found out there’s one at tilt in the lloyd center, but any others?

Currently, i get to play like, twice a year at gameworks up in Seattle when i visit my sister.

Console here at home is fun, but i dont know ANYONE else who plays, so cpu gets effing boring.

I def plan on getting to any of these tourneys being discussed - im stoked to hear about them-


I’m out in Salem, I’m not a SF3 player but I’m down to learn some tricks with Q. I’ve got a whole bunch of other games we can throw down in. Let me know when you wanna set something up.

3S… In Portland? Nawwww

Jetay some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen in 3s was when you were playing samY at zach’s house and you were like “got it” or something and you supered him with chun.:rofl:

He was tryen to build his meter up with by fiercing with Yun and I waited for the exact second where i could super him and not get hit by the fierce or give him a chance to parry! so there for GOT IT! :lol:

Story of peoples lives.

Go to Tilt Friday evenings around 6 or 7 for competition.

so ive heard- but my timings crappy the couple of times i went down, i think everybody ran up to seattle for some shindig up there-
Well, i hope theres a bunch of folks at tilt this Sat. - i’ll probably meet some of you guys then.