SF3 in UK - newish player


Hi from england!

my name is danny and i recently got a version of SF3.3 for my sega dreamcast and have become obsessed! i have been getting better over the last 2 months or so but you can only really get so good playing against the same person all the time so i would love to branch out and play new players.

I have a few questions?

are there any UK coin op machines for this game?
any UK players in the yorkshire region?
are there any SF3 “scenes” in UK?

also I was thinking of maybe going over to vegas during evo2007 to see what it is like, can anyone clue me in - i dont plan on playing in any tourneys but hopefully get some casual games and meet some people. - plus i am a poker player too so it would be a split trip. but i wanna know kinda what its like, how much stuff costs and would it be worth it to a newer player.

one last thing - i am constantly looking to improve (duh) if i were to link to vids of me playing would people be willing to advise?

thanks again



Hi mate :slight_smile: Greetings from Italy
From what i know, the 3s scene in the uk is pretty active, there should be tournaments and a lot of competition.
Just wait for some british player to post a reply, so you could get more infos.

In the meanwhile, feel free to upload your matches on youtube and give us the link.
Btw, if you wanna get into competitive play, try to find a copy of 3s for the ps2 or xbox, they’re the nearest thing to an arcade perfect 3s you can find.


I think you may get more responses from players in England if you either post or search for players in this section of SRK: World: Discussion & Matchmaking. Its at the very bottom of the first forums page.

People will be very willing to give you advise if you put up videos of yourself. But, depending on what character your using you will get a different amount of responses.


wow thats really cool - i have about 20 vids of me playing me bro only the better maches (B or higher) and it mainly me as Ken/Ryu/Akuma vs his hugo/Q/necro

ill get them up asap and post some links - i will also go to the other forum and take a look round!

i would really love to get to play some other people so its all good!

thanks again guys!



Are there ANY 3s machines in Rome? I was there November and found ZERO arcades anywhere =( I even looked in the vatican with no luck. =(


yeah, i only know about one place with a 3rd strike machine.
but now all the players here play at home, we arrange meetings and stuff like that
with a ps2 and arcade sticks. too bad, cause the arcade is definitely better, it gives you a better feeling and competition too. i cant destroy random scrubs anymore :slight_smile:


So am I and not too far from yourself, Cheshire.

There is but they’re predominantly in the arcades of the larger city centres (Manchester, London) and coastal towns.

North East do you?

Indeed. There are two places you can go, there’s NeoEmpire, which is the larger site and also organises the major UK tournaments and events but atm is quite London centric for obvious reasons.
The most recent event was Fighters Day 3 which was a great success with over a 100 UK types turning up.
Make sure you sign up to the forum.

The other is Ranking Battles UK, smaller place but with a good cross-over of UK players and run by Golden Gunman.

I believe the Street Fighter Anniversay Collection forum in the Online section of this board has a thread where you can share matches of yourself for critique by others to help you get better.

Lastly, check my signature for a YouTube channel dedicated to SFIII: 3rd Strike. There’s over 1500 videos now with pretty much everything covered or will be soon. Make sure you look at the Playlist section for the Tutorial and Master Class videos.

Oh, and SRK is a great place to visit regardless of nationality, a lot of information and helpful people, so do come back here even if you’re registered at the UK boards :tup:


Hi man,

For 3s in UK, www.rankingbattles.co.uk is the only place you should go now. Neo-empire is basically for all games MINUS 3s.

Based on your location, not sure you’ll get to play many of the good players. You can either:

Get an xbox and start playing live. Its shit, but its much better than not playing at all. Some people would disagree with that statement.

Come down to London every now and then to play the best.


thanks guys for the really useful information

ill have a look on ranking battels - its mainly at the casino arcade right? that place looks cool as! well me and my bro are planning a trip to london over the summer just to meet new players and learn some stuff… i will also go register on the UK boards too.

im currently in the last year of my degree hence i have no money to purchace an xbox (you mean 360 or regular, i have a regular xbox) and are there many players on xbox live? is it easy to get a copy of 3S for xbox

finallly i have some videos on some youtube, i have a comp of me beating my brother and i have a comp of him beating me, so feel free to check em out.

[media=youtube]MvkJe8bmlAg[/media] and

thanks again guys!


Normal xbox - 3s doesnt even work on the 360 :sad:

Plus I couldnt bear to watch more than the first 3 seconds of your video.

You got a lot to learn :bgrin:

Don’t take it the wrong way - we all need to start somewhere. Let me know when you come down to London, and good luck with the exams :tup:


Yes, there is an Italian 3s scene. It’s not big, but it’s there and there are a bunch of dedicated players. Perhaps we should ask to sticky a topic in the ww matchmaking forum with an “for everyone travelling to Italy, please PM Fugo/Leva/Angel666”

Angel: wait, you mean that you used to destroy random scrubs? :rofl:

si stanno delineando i contorni del ficcaggio :badboy:

(buona Pasqua)


yeah, i was just a more advanced scrub though :slight_smile:
but it was enough for them.


yeah i know i got a lot to learn, hence i came here in the first place, as soon as my student loan comes in i will look into getting 3S for my xbox and i could realy do with an arcade stick as trying to play or regular pads is such a fucking ball ache! i wouldnt mind one for my dreamcast too - any custom makers on here? or is it just the sega arcade sticks?

im looking into coming down to london around august time with my brother - i will give you exact dates when we book hotels or whatever next month,

finally can anyone point me in the direction of some resourses that will help my game from the level i am at - i went to the ken forum and most of it is a little over my head. maybe vids on youtube or some tutorial stuff?

thanks again!



Ill try to give some useful advise for someone at your skill level. This is only concerning you skd, not as much your bro.

-Dashing towards your opponent a lot more will be very helpful. Especially when you knock them down. Try to get used to dashing right next to them whenever you knock em down. And just dashing towards them in regular play periodically will be helpful…but maybe against your brother it might not be a good idea.

-Try to get used to grabbing a lot more, I do realize your brother isnt one to be grabbed much yet though. But in time, when both of you get better you’ll each be grabbing each other more.

-Through playing a lot I think you’ll both get better at defense and that will change your style’s a lot.

-As for parrying, keep at what you are already trying to parry. I see you parrying projectiles and jump in attacks. I think those are the 2 things you should start out parrying because they are the easiest to parry, so good job there you already started to do that.

-I see you quickrolling every once in a while, your gonna have to teach yourself to quickroll practically every time you hit the ground and its gonna be second nature to you eventually. Just try to keep that in mind.

-Learn some big combos with ken or whoever you play. I see you doing a few descent combos, a good start. Try to start out with small combos such as s.mp–>s.fp, and than from the smaller combos you will than make them larger.

-If you cant understand what s.fp or low forward or other terms are, than youll have to teach yourself. In the long run learning all the terms will really help, and also learning the japanese names if people use them.

Thats all I can think of at the moment, hope it helps.


deadpool - thats is really useful advice, thanks alot for taking the time to help a newer player. ive kinda figured out most of the terms on another forum - so i now get s.mp -> s.fp as standing medium punch into standing fierce punch so its all good!

i will play some more this easter weekend and let you knw how i go on.



Start by watching that. I’m assuming your competancy level here by the way. Search for other Thongboy stuff, his videos are examples of what tutorials should be. I don’t think much of it is Ken specific though…

Then subscribe to this…


As for West Yorkshire (Leeds) players including myself, there’s three (yup, 3) that I know of. One of whom is at Uni here from Manc (Ian) and the other mainly plays GG. South Yorks might be different, but I don’t think Sheffield ever really got into 3s. Theres others, like Subliminal, but he hasn’t posted for a year and a half.



Count one more Yorkshire 3S player!

I’ve been lurking here for a little while because I’ve recently seriously got back into playing SF, especially 3S on my Dreamcast. This thread prompted me to register! Got an RGB cable the other day so my pictures good, but I’m stuck with playing on a pad for now :lol:

I’m best with the shotos but I still need practice. There’s something satisfying about punching ass with Dudley too…


awesome as we are stuck on DC with pads too - where in yorkshire? might be worth meeting up for a game or 2

on the plus side i have just ordered anniversary edition on xbox and a couple of arcade sticks (logic 3 sticks, they will do the job for now i guess) so that will be great!



Y’all need to get a 3s in the Sistine Chapel…THAT PLACE GETS PACKED.


Just for what it’s worth…the DC version is pretty widely considered the worst version of 3s. You definitely want to pickup the Xbox or PS2 version of Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection that has 3rd Strike on it ASAP. Some of the problems I remember hearing about are that there’s input lag on the DC version (something about some of the DC buttons being analog as opposed to digital if I remember right, though it could be the other way around :stuck_out_tongue: ), and that the damage scaling is quite a bit different, which I remember hearing from True_Tech results in Yun’s Kara Palm combo in Genei Jin (one of the most damaging combos in the game) doing less damage on DC than his standard shoto combos do on PS2/Xbox/Arcade.