SF3 - New Generation & 2nd Impact, Intro's and Endings capped by me


For those who dont have the Dreamcast ports.

I left out Yangs ending cause its almost exactly the same as Yun’s. No fancy editing, just slapped them all together.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

wow. thanks alot for this.

Is there a downloadable link for this instead of youtube?

oh rad

now the only reason left i have to play 2I is for sean’s uppercut

Haw!, dont forget Shin Akuma :wgrin:

psychochronic: Here’s an mp4 version of it


Wow nice! Thanks alot for this!

Appreciate it. You get rep.

Very nice! Definitely enjoyed that!

What the hell. Tom looks exactly like Leon from The Professional. He even has a little girl with him.
He would’ve been the best playable character ever.

I forgot how good the art was in some of those endings though.

I noticed that too.


Damn that Akuma punch at the end.He holds back way too much in the games.

That punch is his new super in 3s.

It doesn’t destroy the whole stage.Hence the holding back part.

be kool to see the third strike treatment at the end to finish off the trilogy slide show… imo

Dudley drives with boxing gloves on…

Amazing, simply…amazing.

Ryu getting a ride in the car to me is simply amazing, I swear, that guy would walk anywhere just to get around, I wouldn’t be surprised if he walked on top of water to get from China to Japan. I used to always say (madeup of course) that the “reason” Ryu knocks his opponents down with one hit with his Hurricane kick where as Ken’s doesnt is because Ryu’s feet due to numerous thousands of miles worth of treking has made them become solid steel, reasons for the one hit knock down.

Btw, great upload, since I never really got to play 2I, I’m happy to have seen these endings, I love the artwork, simply amazing.

Seriously, you don’t get much more pimp than that.

hehe. 2i is still the only thing worth playing at our arcade. I just find it funny that for people with access to real arcades this is “for those who never got to play” but for me it “the only thing i get to play”

3s maybe the most popular III game, but I still say III and 2nd Impact had the best feel, music, backgrounds, announcer, and ofcourse, the best sound effects to a hit since It sounds like a real painful hit sound than 3s.

dont forget the voice acting