SF3 NG/2I Small Text

I’m not sure just what kind of use this might have, but I’ve managed to get direct rips of the entire 8x8 alphabet (caps and lowercase) from Street Fighter III New Generation (and 2nd Impact), as well as some of the symbols for multiple-coin machines.

There’s two sets, one using the blue palette seen for things such as “Insert Coin”, “Free Play” and so on, while the other uses the yellow/pink palette from the New Generation lifebar names. The only thing NOT included is the 9x8 version of the capital X from Alex’s name. There are also some minor color changes as compared to the lifebar names from NG, though most are accurate. The reason for this is Capcom didn’t just reuse the tile-based names, but provided separate tiles with mostly the same style for that purpose (best example: “IBUKI” would require 5 tiles if just recycled, but as the two Is are only 4 pixels wide, ditching the spacing squeezed it into 4 tiles very nicely. The spacing for the I was played with again for “GILL”, having only one pixel’s space on either side, leaving the Ls copiable into memory)

While I doubt there’d be much of a demand for something like this, I figure maybe someone might appreciate having it, and I might find something to do with it later on.

How to use:

Umm, basically, just copy the characters as needed into a new file. It’s very straightforward, and I made sure each character has its full 8x8 tile represented, so if you want to keep the spacing, go ahead. If you wish to use the yellow/pink characters for a name like you’d see in the NG HUD, you can play with the spacing on characters like the I/i.

And here’s the image:


Just to show an example of what can be done with it, I whipped this up, showing all of the 3S crowd’s names done in NG’s style. Not 100% sure on the spacing, but I made sure to re-edit the X, and center everything else. I did, however, repurpose the period as a dash for a certain ‘strongest woman’.

(Interesting note: if you weren’t aware, Hugo’s name, and preliminary character remains in the arcade New Generation. His stage is complete, though. Check it out on X-Cult.)


Hope you can use this somehow.

Awesome! Thanks for this