SF3:OE Stick Woes

Hi there!
I got SF3:OE on launch day, but I’ve been having problems with it ever since and I can’t figure out a solution. Basically, I’ve had my stick for ages and each time a new system comes out I wire up a PCB from a controller to keep up to date. Currently I have a 360 USB pad PCB in there, and everything has been fine up until now.

For some reason in SF3:OE my A button won’t work in game. It’s fine in menus and all, but in game it just won’t work. I get jab, strong and fierce (X, Y, LB) and forward and roundhouse (B, RB) okay, but no short. I thought maybe it was a problem with how I’d set the triggers. I never bothered putting in 10k resistors to disable the triggers so I always just set the triggers to no function in the controller options in other games. But SF3 doesn’t have the option of disabling the triggers.

Anyways, I fitted some 10k resistors to disable the triggers, but still having the same problem. I’ve checked my wiring over and over again, but I just can’t figure it out. I thought maybe there was a grounding issue, but as far as I can see all the buttons are using a common ground. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?


Hacking a madcatz fightpad or wwe brawlpad would be a better replacement if you can’t figure out the triggers.

i had the same problem with a clients stick. it turns out that the xbox board was too close to the lk button.

maybe it’ll help if you can post some pics

I dunno if that’s the problem. It still happens even when I have the case open and the PCB sitting outside the housing. Did the A button still work in menus?

Open up the stick and take pictures.


Apparently I also have the same problem on the 360 with the LB and RB wired up instead of RT and LT (4716 Gamepad), as opposed to the PS3 version which works fine with all the buttons since my controller is dual modded. You can character select and navigate through the menu with the A button, as well as button check, but when it comes to playing the game, the LK or short does not function. This is a bit of dilemma here. :confused:

did you touch the triggers at all? like take out any parts? if so, did you use the 10k resistors to seal it back?

It never happened before when I played the other fighting games on xbox