SF3 Online Edition rage and rant incoming

This game is such a broken laggy mess it isn’t even funny. It’s so bad they need to make a tier list just for online play. I swear to God bullshit like I hit the person and I hear the sound as if they die and think I won (Everything is going in slow motion since it’s so laggy) But it turns out they were still alive and that cost me matches like 7 times already. Get rid of GGPO I have no idea what people were hyping about. God damn.

I’m assuming you’re talking about Ranked. I don’t think the problem is with GGPO per-se, but rather that you can’t choose your opponent, or that game doesn’t make any indication whatsoever on where your opponent lives. The only information you are given is an colored orb, of which validity I very much doubt. I’ve had almost perfect matches against red “bar” players, and sometimes horrible teleporting and “I hit the person and I hear the sound as if they die and think I won But it turns out they were still alive” kind of stuff against yellow “bars” That having said, I say, as I have always said, that GGPO is far from the miracle netcode most people make it out to be. It still works like shit if you try to play people on the other side of the world, or if you or your opponent is downloading porn or otherwise lagging very much. The differance to other netcodes is that instead of the typical “underwater” kind of slowdown lag, you get that teleporting and rollbacking.

GGPO and the matchmaking servers are not the same thing. If you’re playing in bad matches that’s not GGPO’s fault. I’ve played almost only green and some yellow and have had basically 0 issues. When it’s green it’s very nice.

Why does this shit need another thread?

For real. I love all of those other games I can play with a coffee can and string connection with zero lag.

Its the internet. Good connection = no lag. Bad connection = lag. This doesn’t need another thread

Yeah GGPO doesn’t fix lag. It just deals with the lag differently so that you can still input things and have them come out relatively close to the time they would have come out offline if there is hard lag. With the issue of course being rewinds and what not. Try to stick to the yellow/green connections if you can. Which the best way to do that is to find people to friend who also have strong connections so you can regularly spar with them.

God DAMN…sf4 must really have fucked people up cuz there is no challenge online. Nobody knows what they’re doing when playing an actual 2d fighter. It’s like 90% of the players are newbs from sf4 fandom.

Ranked matches are silly. Its not based on the better players but those who played the most. There’s a sean player with 200 wins and 200 losses who is Top 20. What a joke Capcom. Can’t even design ranked matches that make sense.

I’m getting 3SOE but when I tried the demo, it was as if I couldn’t so shit. SFIV ruined everything.

Stop fucking protecting GGPO already, that’s the topmost bullshit the mouth/fingers of a person can produce.
I told since the very beginning, when I read GGPO in the trailer, that it will fail terribly, did anyone mark my words? No.

GGPO was, is and will always be the 2nd worst programmed piece of faithless shit ever seen in history of mankind and that the hyper brainiac who dared to release this utterly brown software now even got paid (to not just destroy the lives of the PC players but also of the console players) is just a crime.
A crime.

GGPO will lag if you have a laggy connection. I have the same problems you do, and it’s because of my ass router.

Trust me, if you played online on the xbox back in the day, this game is a GOD SEND compared to that mess.

Get a better router or something. It’s your connection, or your opponents-- 100 percent.

Can you explain why you think GGPO suck so much. Cause until you give a valid reason I’m going to think your either trolling, or your full of shit.

The lag has nothing to do with GGPO. It is a fault of the match-making system which does virtually nothing to ensure that players are matched with one another in the most lag-free way possible. The match-making is virtually non-existent in this game. Very shoddy indeed.

I will tell you this, I’m neither trolling, nor I’m full of shit, but the one who ASKS for a reason fucking is and either has the brain and the eyes of a jewish monkey implanted or never played on GGPO.
EVERYONE who played any game featuring the GGPO netcode knows that I am right, if you really are lacking knowledge so hard that you want to hear a reasoning, ask anyone who is willing to spend his time answering on trivialities of this level.

This thread is so full of


I want to hear your reasoning, cause you just saying GGPO sucks without giving any reasoning show me you are full of shit and are just hating for the sake of it… If your bitching about the rollback and sound glitches, thats the result of lag, which in turn is caused by the matchmaking system in this game being ass. So if you want to hate on something, hate on the matchmaking system not allowing you to see what the opponents ping is or putting you in a game with some asshole on the other side of the world who is playing while downloading porn. Also I (and most people who know anything about fighters) would agree that having rollback is better then having the game slow down to a fucking crawl or just flat out pause for long periods of time. GGPO netcode also for the most part eliminates the one thing most players should dread the most, input lag. Input lag fucks up your timing, which causes you to drop combos and let your opponent get away with shit they shouldn’t be able too. When you are playing in ideal settings, GGPO allows people to play in an environment in which they will be most able to translate their experiences online, offline, unlike the netcode of most other fighters in the market. Also I played on GGPO when it first came out when the only game that was up was Alpha 2 and have played 3SO online for at least 8 hours so yes I have played on GGPO. Yes I have had shitty experiences on 3SO, but that was due to the matchmaking system and the opponents connection, not the network algorithm. So since I apparently have the intelligence of a retarded monkey, can you please explain to me why GGPO is so shitty? Also the reason I’m picking on you for this is because I fucking hate when people spread bullshit facts without backing them up.

I don’t even love 3S that much, but GGPO is fucking nice, so I’m giving it a real, honest effort.

I hope you end up loving it!

Don’t know how anyone can be fooled by hearing the K.O. sound. If you don’t see the HUGE K.O. text on the screen you haven’t won.

Shit, man.