SF3 ORO Avatar Request

After being here for a while I have not seen nearly enough Oro love. Let’s make it with the oro love guys, so all I want is a cool avatar with oro in it with my name somewhere on it wherever the artist sees fit. Hey, if you can make a cool Av with oro sleeping or something then even better. Thank you before hand.:karate: :tup:

i got this


Here ya go dude, i hope ya like it, peace -Lalo-

-Lalo- great work u’ve been making~ props for taking a lot of these requests and doing a great job with them :tup:

Thanx dude :party:

Incase anyone is wondering Lalo is god. Mad fucking nice big ups for the av:pray: :pray: :clap: :clap: :karate:

thanx dude, im glad ya like it peace -Lalo-