SF3 players in the Toronto area

What’s up ppl, i’m going to make this brief. I live in the Markham/Scarborough area, and a friend of mine and I are lookin’ to make a crew, or at least find more ppl to play SF3 with. We usually meet up at my house and play the PS2 version, mainly because my Dreamcast died again :frowning: ANYWAYS, I main Akuma and my friend mains Ken. We are looking to enter more tournaments and such, not just casual play. If anybody is within the area or can travel down to the Scarborough/Markham area, please leave a post and let’s play!!


BTW, 3S DC sucks. PS2/XBox version is the way to go.

Toronto has a great scene, and a crazy talent pool, I hope you guys can at least put up a fight.

You’ll get good comp at Pacific Mall or Luvgetty at Commerce Gate.

In down town Toronto we also have a very big underground scene. It’s around 15 players, including me, who play on ps2 a lot at each others house .Most of us don’t have a car so we can’t go up to pacific mall and such. I hear there are tourneys at fun land every Friday so maybe we’ll check that out. And we would be more then willing to have some of Toronto’s best players over so that they can teach us.

pms me if you’re interested, we got places around college and bathurst and bathurst and queen.

Ps. chronic is as much as part of game as parrying for us.

Bah, now that CPS3 is emulated I hate playing on console.

Markham/Scarborough/etc. has too many good players for console gatherings anyway unless you don’t mind limiting who you play against. Once the arcades get their act together and Playscape tourneys/ranbats are on I’ll start going again. Since most players are divided into groups, it would be impossible to play the best people on console at someone’s house. That would just be awkward as hell.

then you think we should go for pacific mall or fun land?

In my opinion, Funland is shit. People say the comp is mostly lacking (that part I wouldn’t know), but everything just seems bad. Some old beat up American cab in a really dingy building, apparently many players have bad attitudes too.

I haven’t been to Playscape since the day they reopened (which was a month ago) so I’m not sure if the comp is as good as it was therefore I can’t give an accurate opinion. Most uptown players seem to prefer Lovegety these days, personally I still like Pacific Mall more but you gotta go where the comp goes.

If you wanna play downtown, I guess you could try out the FL ranbats and see if you like it. Maybe I’m just being too hard on that place.

I go to Pacific mall, but i’m looking for friends to chill with on random days and play… most of the ppl at Pacific:

a.) Can’t speak proper english
b.) barely understand what I say
c.) are over 30

…Okay. Well disregard what I’ve said since you’re obviously looking for something else. Most of the best 3Sers in Toronto are basically the opposite of what you want; they’re not exactly open to chilling with any and everyone. Plus you said you wanted to join tournaments, and those are the guys you’re going to be playing if you do.

GL then, there’s nothing else I can say.

What u guys look like??

and those statements are very inaccurate…

Yeah, to be totally honest I’ve never heard of any major 3S players in the Markham area. There just arn’t really any arcades in north Toronto, so understandably the whole fighting game community must be pretty light in that part of town, if it’s there at all. If you’re really interested in some competition for
3S I would have to suggest that you make your way over to the Windsor area, as that is where the serious and most professional 3S players are located in Canada at least. If you go you’ll wanna look up a couple guys named the Johnson brothers, there both fantastic 3S players and have placed top 3 in almost all important Canadian 3S tournaments. I’ve also heard that they’re both some of the best players on xbox live, top 100 I think, which is very impressive since xbox live 3S is widely considered the benchmark for professional SF3, even eclypsing the Japanese scene!

But yeah, about the first point, unfortunately you’re not gonna have much luck in the Markham area so it looks like your best bet is to stick with your console get togethers or to travel outside Toronto.

Come to Funland. If you say you have 15 people, bring em all on a Friday night.

Eric, wtf did you go and reveal Canada’s biggest 3S hotspot for? You scrub…


RTSD, way to cut & paste.

We’ve played ppl at Orbit many many times… some are really good, others are scrubs. We live about 10 minutes from Orbit, so we’re not foreign to it. Talk is cheap anyway, i’d rather meet with ppl and play. If I lose, I lose. Plain and simple.

Yea, sorry. That was a bit of an exaggeration. Very few of them are over 30, alot of the ones who play 3S are about 17-18 and up. Some of them can’t speak english very well, which makes it hard to talk to them, and some of them don’t understand what I say to them. The one thing I stand by is that a lot of them are anti-social, adding further difficulty to finding more people. I’m not here to start arguements or fights, I just want to make some friends and play 3s with more people.

RTSD, way to cut & paste.

Sorry, I haven’t been reading. But if you want good competition, has anyone told you about the Johnson Brothers?

give me a pm, I wouldnt mind checking out ur scene, If u guys got sticks that would be better as well, unless u use pad ill bring my own stick then, Im usually downtown and i go by college and bathurst on the way so let me know wen ur up for any

Thanks for stopping by.


Higashi, go to orbit today.