SF3 ps2 J

Is there a site to get the japanese version SF3: 3rd strike? rom/buy for ps2???

Any other import sites would work, unless Capcom decided to stop making the game.

i got the japanese version of 3rd strike for ps2, and the USA aniversary version, i dont see any differences other than language is there any differences between the 2???:wonder:

Urien bleeds during his time out losing pose, replays dont mess up…those are the major things I can think of off the top of my head.

is just that i want them no big deal :wgrin:

Alex also says jesus when he loses by a jab or short hit.

Actually they never censored that on PS2, only the DC version.

I’ve heard that Twelve has some winpose where his hands form an offensive gesture or something. A swastika? I’ve never seen it.

Really? Oh ok, didn’t know that.

I also heard you get the tutorial dvd when you get the Jap import
Would LOVE to get one myself

ya i got JAP version PS2 (best in my opinion)

it comes with tutorial dvd (well use too)

That’s only in the limited edition. Yah the tutorial DVD is nice, it was done by top 3S players too, well something like that. :smiley: