[sf3] q


I put something up in the Q thread but I don’t think it gets very much attention.

I’ve read the thread but can anyone give any tips on how to approach learning this character? Like after learning his normals and a few combos, what should be my next priority? He doesn’t seem very straight forward.

Sorry if this post is broad but the more I play him, the more i get frustrated and feel like I’m not learning anything.


Learn to Kara pronto. It’s what makes him playable. He’s a very basic character but in away requires a more unique playstyle compared to the other 3s characters. He’s hard to win with but not difficult to learn. I play him ultra defensive and bait openings, since he’s not a rushdown character. Also, parry>kara throw alot. After the double blow super, taunt twice instead of dash punch ender + taunt once. Get in the taunts as quick as you can. Watch vids to see how the pros make room for taunts. I suggest watching TM, OUT, Kuroda, etc. matches. There play styles vary so that should help.

If the lag isn’t 2 bad, we could get in some 2df matches if you want.


If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a Q tutorial that teaches basic need to know stuff-
I think you can find the original video at Combovideos.com


Q is a defensive character straight up. If someone turtles back at you, you just taunt, and once you’ve got 3 of those in, you have the defense of 2 characters. His big areas for damage are command throw, hit confirm close mk into super, and kara throws. Command throw is kind of slow, and against stronger players, they wont get captured by it much, so you have to great creative with making your opponent block when you want to command throw (simple set up is jump in fierce, land, command throw).

Otherwise, he requires patience. You don’t have great tools to get in against your opponent, and the tendency for a lot of Q’s is random dash punches, which can work against some mid tier players, but it can blow up in your face if its counterpoked or parried. Thankfully because of the taunts they usually come to you, so you’ll need to get really good at blocking and teching.


That vid sums Q pretty well. Once you learn all that you just need to learn your opponent. like should you trip, grab, overhead, or block on there wakeup. Q is pretty straight forward his C&DB resets get fun in the corner especially when your in the opponents head


If you mean Kara throws, I’ve been working on it. Trying to get some setups going… I read the thread about taunting. I’ve been focusing on those as well and I’ll continue to watch vids. Kuroda is so inspiring.

I usually play GGPO because 3s on 2df crashes on me all the time.

Seen it. It’s very helpful but a lot of information. I’m just trying to prioritize what I should work on.

I supposed I should focus on some setups into C&DB then. I also read that the standing dash punches are safe on block.


Ya they are, the opponent has to anticipate them to punish you, but its not that hard to anticipate.