Sf3 scrubby 3rd Strike Sessions, when how and has it been discussed in another thread


basically the title
As a young pup (18 yr old scrub) who can now get the occasional pvp game in at CSU fullerton, 3s has again become an obsession of mine to watch
These youtube vids that i’ve come across called “sf3 scrubby 3rd strike sessions” are just what i was looking for, new vods of matches played by familiar NA names
I just want to know if these vids, which have >100 views, have been talked about in any other threads, how these sessions have come about like who organized them, and will we see more American 3s content? i feed of this stuff, and i’m starved


it has had some discussion in the most recent page of the 3s match vids thread

it looks cool. I’m glad it’s happening. I’d like to participate at some point if they’re down with out of towners.

also I’d love to see similar footage from other 3s scenes! Austin has streamed tournies, So Cal has a few different things going on, UK has streamed tournies. I’d love to see some Nor Cal or Toronto casuals!


Since its a spot run out of a private residence I don’t really know what the policy is on invites but I’d definitely advocate for you Lance :tup:

i think the guys who run it used to work or hang out at japan arcade. very cool though because there hasn’t been a spot to play in SFV area since FFA closed. im sure you can expect more footage in the future.


Thanks for the input guys, happy to see that the usual people i’ve seen while lurking the forums are willing to comment
It makes me sad that the website in your sig doesn’t exist anymore pherai :’(


me too, but I keep the link to keep the spirit of the site going. it still exists in our hearts, and at the bottom of every bottle ROM drinks