SF3 Special Match, the new craze

So Eric Lee and Isaac Graham made a bet saying that Eric Could not beat Isaacs Chun Li while he uses a character at Half life. :looney:This shit was so hype and would definatly like to see something like this again. :rofl:

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Man Chun Li is so ridonkulous. People should try this on there own its too good! :lol:

Video forum?

GJ spoiling the outcome in the 2nd post. Jackass.


I feel that this isn’t going to be a craze.

Why do u say that??? SF3 needs things like this to make it more interesting at times.

You also gotta understand that Isaac doesent play Third. He plays Marvel. Making the bet that much more interesting.

I took this bet with him as well. Free money for me! :lovin:

<3 IFG

Pretty cool accept that niggas were getting hyped about things they shouldn’t have been getting hyped about. “Ooooooh snap did you see that standing HP hit?!??!?! ZOMG!!!”