SF3 speed adjustment

I was just playing SF3 and SF3: SI on Dreamcast for the first time. One thing I noticed is that the speed can be adjusted and the turbo can be set to as high as 7. Afterwards, I popped in SFAC on my ps2 to play 3s (which I hadn’t played in a little while) and was surprised to realize that you can not adjust the speed settings in that game. It was hardly playabale after playing the earlier DC versions. I don’t have 3s for DC, but if the speed is adjustable, I’m going to have to look for it.

So I guess what I am asking is…are there speed setttings for the DC version of 3s? Also, why the hell can’t you adjust the game speed in the ps2 version?

Thanks for any feedback.

Haha, I remember when I was 13 and I bought the DC version of 3S near its release date after having DI for a good while. I was really disappointed to find no option to increase the speed to compensate for my lack of skill and inability to control the characters effectively. Now that I’m pretty good, I’m glad no such setting exists.

But yeah, there’s no speed setting in any console version of 3S. The Xbox version is supposed to be a little faster though, if you’re that desperate.

Damn…thanks for the response. I don’t have an xbox, so that’s a no go. I guess I’ll have to be content with the ps2 version.

Still…very odd that you can’t change the speed. I wonder what the reasoning is. I think I’ll be playing SI a little more now.


changing speed is for scrubs

getting rid of speed selection was one of the smartest things capcom has ever done in their games. because of speed settings (since arcade ST), there have always been confusion as to which speed to use officially for tourney. capcom was finally smart with the sf3 series and had no such option (except DC sf3:NG and 2i) so there was no confusion, people all played on the same speed, the speed at which it was meant to be played. what made it worse is when rookie arcade operators dont know any better and fuck with speed settings and basically make the game worthless to learn on, and made it one less location to practice at…

if you know whats best, leave the speed setting on default for the dc double impact games to get the experience the way it was supposed to be.


Can’t do it. I need that shit fast.

then just play marvel and shut up.

I don’t know when I’ll be playing 3s again, that’s for damn sure.

Even in Marvel, switching up the pace of play can be an advantage.

Patience is a virtue.

i meant in the sense of him needing a faster paced game…

I know.

I was tellin’ him that he should learn to play at different speeds. Not knockin what you said. Cuz I agree :looney: