SF3 Sprite conversions

I know that there are a lot of people who likes the SF3 style sprites, including myself. steamboy33 did a few and I requested how he did it. Now, I am working on converting the Alpha series (and possibly other Capcom games) to the SF3 style.

erhm…slightly complicated. I can usually do the flats with ease, but the secondary shading is the most complicated part in my opinion.

are you going to be converting them into the same resolution as 3s sprites or keeping them the same as they were in alpha?

same resolution. I don’t know what it is about CPS3 sprites but I just love them…

wow, i prefer that pose over her alpha sprite. i’m very curious on how this’ll turn out


Looking great.

Pixel art is always something I’ve greatly admired.

Very nice!

The finished version!!! And also…palettes!!!

Working on Guy next…


Skullo is illy

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Re-did Guy.

I have to work on the others a lot more.

Absolutely amazing work man! I’ve always been a huge fan of sprites, but I really loved Capcom’s over anyone else. (CPS3 sprites in particular)
I look forward to seeing more from you man! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! :3

Nice sprites I’m just wondering if your giving your self the same restrictions as actual cps3 hardware the palette of 63 colors at 15 bits.

I just went with the flow and made sure it wasn’t too many colors…so…I think so lol!

Those look awesome!